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  1. ((Thanks for the advice. I`ll try to post an updated form later.))
  2. Okay I have a horse dragon who I can register. And another non-dorkface waterhorse.
  3. Forum Username: Arya_the_elven_lady Character Name: Song-wise Using a Color?: Yes (blue) Gender: female Age: 13 yrs. Category: doesn`t know all Alpha`s plans, but is content Word of Claw: (what does this mean?) Pack (if applicable): UK Background and Reason for Category: Was found on a full moon by a rogue in league with the pack and joined. Doesn`t know her parents, or where she was born. Appearance (as human [and wolf, if applicable]): (wolf) sky blue eyes, all-black fur, thin, lanky legs and strong muscles. (human) same sky blue eyes, jet-black hair, slim yet strong build. Introduction: [[a paragraph or two to set the scene of what your character is doing]] Song-wise was laughing. She raced through the forest, bounding between the trees. Enjoying the feeling of the wind in her fur and the smell of the trees and leaves. A buck, disturbed by her scent, bounded away. She turned on a dime and chased it half-heartedly, because she wasn`t that hungry and the pack didn`t need any food. Slowing to a stop, she panted breifly before stopping and sitting to rest.
  4. I have a question. Can I actually register for this liniage one of my own horse/waterhorse dragons? I have a dorkface waterhorse who I could use for this liniage. But anyway.
  5. It`ll be a while until I start raising for the Evil Project again. Here`s my current list. (My current scroll lock is pretty impressive ) Eggs taken (found in AP): Eggs hatched: nC36 (water dragon) SEbo (purple) iG9U (earth) efmO (water dragon) 0jSL (purple) pMkp (earth) Qj3d (earth) Ism4 (skywing) Hatchlings returned: 0jSL (purple) iG9U (earth) nC36 (water dragon) Qj3d (earth) Ism4 (skywing) SEbo (purple) efmO (water dragon) Hatchlings simply kept: pMkp (earth)
  6. I`m posting my list for the project now. Eggs taken (found in AP): Eggs hatched: nC36 (water dragon) SEbo (purple) iG9U (earth) efmO (water dragon) 0jSL (purple) pMkp (earth) Qj3d (earth) Ism4 (skywing) Hatchlings returned: 0jSL (purple) iG9U (earth) nC36 (water dragon) Qj3d (earth) Ism4 (skywing) SEbo (purple) efmO (water dragon) Hatchlings simply kept: pMkp (earth, frozen hatchling, now known as Edhrenniel)
  7. Siggies I really like daydreams, meself. And guardians, too.
  8. I am posting my newly made list. my four eggs are all for this project. Eggs taken (found in AP): 0jSL (purple egg) Ism4 (skywing egg) pMkp (earth egg) Qj3d (earth egg) Eggs hatched: Hatchlings returned: Hatchlings simply kept:
  9. I`d love to join! *evil laugh* I`ll keep a list in my computer of the beasties I hatch and such and post the list here occasionally.
  10. Dear Journal, My name is Killgharah. I`m the newest one in the cave, and gendered. I have hatched in a different cave, and then my former mistress gave me to Arya_the_elven_lady. I was puzzled, but there are several other hatchlings in the cave. One is a baby chicken, weirdly enough. But Arya is adamant that the little thing is gonna stay. There`s also a 6-dragon clan of frozen hatchlings. Odd, right? Well, I`m gonna go play with the grey hatchling. The weird dull brown one stays silent and brown at daytime, but goes blue and active at night! It`s a strange cave after all! Bye, Killgharah
  11. The dragon i named isnt inbred, so does that mean I can actually join?
  12. I like snow, but it get tiring after several months
  13. Can I join the cause, please? I`ll adopt a dragon family! EDIT: Cream Cheese Enchalada! And I adopt Ua1f and any future children he has.
  14. Mine are mostly from the cave or AP. Otherwise bred or traded.
  15. Dear Journal, There are six clan members now! The guardian hatchling grew his wings a few days ago and joined. Now we have: Tiny Sentinel of the Clouds (me) Morgana the Black Onhaetan Wataer (new black hatchling: "he" isn`t gendered) Kludd of the Pure Ones (the Guardian) Parva Stella (fully recovered) Merydin Well, there we have it! And also, the first vampire grew up. Another vamp. egg hatched, and we have an ochredrake egg and hatchling. There`s a pygmy dragon egg that`s close to hatching and a water walker egg. According to my mother, the vampire Doomed by BSL bit one egg after growing up, but all of the dragons rejected it. Well, gonna have to go organise the hunt! Bye! Tiny Sentinel of the Clouds
  16. I want a vamp/magi army. Right now I have plenty of guardians and daydreams. not that I don`t love them all
  17. Dear Journal, Morgana the Black is really happy, because a new alt. black hatchling joined our clan! "His" name is Onhaetan Wataer, which means "Heat (the) water". According to Arya, it comes from Old English. Parva Stella is healing well, but she won`t be allowed to hunt until Caerulaea says so. Thus, it`s fortunate that Onhaetan came to the clan so quickly. We really will need the extra paws! Bye, Sentinel
  18. Dear Journal, I`ve been hunting with my clan, and between the four of us we brought down a nice buck. Eomer of the Rohirim was less than pleased, though. We shared it with the two unfrozen hatchlings in the cave, which are a vampire and guardian. The vampire has no interest in becoming part of the clan, but is friendly nonetheless. The guardian, though, says that it might be interested in joining and becoming frozen when it grows wings. Having another pair of wings in the clan besides mine will be a big help! Unfortunately, we found out that Parva Stella was injured from hunting! She`s being healed under the watchful eyes of Caerulaea and Tiny Healer, the cave medics. Perhaps Tiny Healer could have become a part of this clan, had she not grown up before us. Time to go, Tiny Sentinel of the Clouds
  19. Dear journal, I was frozen a few days ago. Arya froze three other hatchlings (ungendered) too that day. We talked, and I convinced them to form a "clan" with me. Morgana the Black is my deputy, which leaves Merydin and Parva Stella. The adults all scoffed at us, until my grandfather on both sides (I`m inbred) told them to leave us to it. He`s been watching our progress, and I could tell he was proud then my clan and I dragged our first kill into the cave. Morgana is coming to report to me, I`d better go talk to her. Leader of the Ice Hatchlings clan, Tiny Sentinel of the Clouds
  20. Hey guys! I have a frozen inbred hatchie on my scroll, bred it myself, but I totally agree that BSL should be stopped. May I at least put one of the banners in my sig, if not join? I`ll name one of my dragons in accordance (the coming vamp. hatchie) when I have one that`s considered dangerous. Even if I cannot join this cause.
  21. My username came from the book Eragon. LOL