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  1. -points at her sig- I'm just terrible at this . Over the course of DC: 20 bites. 15 Killed 4 Repulsed 1 Success ...Oh good lord, my success rate isn't 10%, it's 5%. :/
  2. Thank you so much for getting the site back up and running in perfect order! It's been hard to work with AoND, and I greatly appreciate all the work that went into fixing it. Thank you for keeping in touch with us throughout the troubleshooting process, as well. :3
  3. The parents' names. Oh god, the parents' names. http://dragcave.net/lineage/WdMPX I'll definitely have to make a mate for it.
  4. I need to be removed I am a lister and need to be removed from the list because: My sister just hit me with five eggs! owo Happy Halloween!
  5. Please add me to the lists Forum ID: KuraiKitty Scroll Link: Here! Proof that I read the rules: Water Lilies are gorgeous. Happy Halloween! I'll be at my first debate tournament in Northern Cali this weekend, so I won't be able to catch these eggs. D: On that note, though, I'm glad that the site's giving a nod to Sandy victims. I'd be joining the gifting force myself, if the event was today as originally scheduled. These past few Halloween dragons have been beautiful. I missed out on CB Marrows and Shadow Walkers in the past; it'd break my heart to miss out again! ;_;
  6. I find that I mainly only trade for even-gens. CBs are fine and all, but I scramble to catch beautiful 8th or 9th gens whenever I can. They provide wonderful benchmarks for me to hit, as I hope to find/create mates for them in order to continue their lineages. I don't particularly mind spirals and most stair patterns, mind you, but finding the proper mate for those that require CB rares... well, let's just say that I'm not swimming in rare dragons, so they're generally not as appealing to me.
  7. I love lineages, personally. They provide a sense of pattern and order that I can follow on my scroll, and creating them gives me something to do even when I'm buried up to my eyeballs in term papers. It gives me a reason to come back, and gives me something to be proud of. That sounds odd, I know. However, if you don't give me a reason to come back and keep playing, I won't. If there's nothing new to do, why play? I've accomplished the task you set before me, I've won, I'm done; that kind of mentality doesn't bode well with a simple collectible website. Being able to breed, though, and see the results of my work gives me another task; create the most beautiful patterns I can with limited breeding stock. If I don't have enough stock to begin my intended pattern, well, it's time to go collecting again.
  8. -laughs- Misclicked for the first time on the site, and picked up a Stone. Granted, this was after I grabbed 3 CB Reds over the past two days, so I suppose I was due for a slip-up. Ironically, I misclicked while trying to grab another Red.
  9. I claimed the White! It's beautiful~! <3
  10. @Red2111: My issue with Nebulas is that it throws off the PB look. With males and females defaulting as different colors even when they both alt, it skews the color scheme and makes it moot. Trust me, I wanted to do Black as the final color, with Nebulas and Blacks, but that didn't prove to be feasible. @hat17: Thanks! I'll do that. :3 ---- -kicks the Royal Blues out- Awesome. That leaves... Final list: Red: Red or Sunstone/Ember Orange: Magi/Magma Yellow: Golden Wyvern/Sunsong or Harvest Green: Pebbles/BBW or Terrae Blue: Water/Guardian Indigo: Thunder/Deep Sea Violet: Purple/Horse White: White Stripe/Pillow 2nd Gen: PB R O Y G B I V W 3rd Gen: RxR (♂)*, OxO (♀), YxY (♂), GxG (♀), BxB (♂), IxI (♀), VxV (♂), WxW (♀) 4th gen: RxO (♂), YxG (♀), BxI (♂), VxW (♀) 5th Gen: RO x YG (♂), BI x VW (♀) 6th Gen: ROYG x BIVW *Keeping track of the genders to figure out what generation has to be what, in order to line them up nicely. (♂), for instance, denotes the need for the offspring of that pair to be male. Gotta get Deep Sea, Horse, and Water dragons. I don't have any of those. o_o''
  11. Hm... let's try this, then. Blue: Royal Blue/Water/Guardian (whichever I can get a hold of first, between Water and Guardian) Indigo: Thunder/Deep Sea/Ridgewing Violet: Ridgewing/Purple/Horse Here's my main problem. Looking up 'indigo' comes up with blue if you look at dyes; it's considered blue-violet if you use it as a color. Therefore, a Ridgewing female- which has both blue and violet- would make a good choice, theoretically, for indigo. However, it also looks like a dark violet. So, should Ridgewings go in Indigo, or violet? If it goes in violet, it's going to kick out the Purple, which is otherwise a really sharp contrast to the Horse. If it goes in Indigo, I'll figure out which one I'm gonna kick.
  12. I'm thinking about making a rainbow lineage, using PB 2nd Gens and splitting the colors into two breeds each. I'll use two pairs per color, as follows: Red: Red or Sunstone/Ember (Father and mother.) Orange: Magi/Magma Yellow: Golden Wyvern/Sunsong or Harvest Green: Pebbles/BBW or Terrae Blue: Royal Blue/ Thunder Indigo: Ridgewing/ Horse or Dorsal? Violet: Purple (Mother and influenced egg)/Horse or Purple Dorsal? White: White Stripe /Pillow (father and mother) Can anyone help me come up with suggestions for the indigo/violet conundrum? White is placed at the end to round out the lineage. At the end, it'll be as follows: 2nd Gen: PB ROYGBIVW 3rd Gen: RxR, OxO, YxY, GxG, BxB, IxI, VxV, WxW 4th gen: RxO, YxG, BxI, VxW 5th Gen: RO x YG, BI x VW 6th Gen: ROYG x BIVW The 'or' labels mean that I'll grab whichever comes my way first. Of the pairs that have no mates thus far, I have: CB Red Female, a CB Male Magi, a CB Female Sunsong, a CB Female BBW, and a CB Female Ridgewing. I have no Sunstones, Harvests, Terrae, Horses, Dorsals, or Whites (If I get one, I'll replace the Pillows). I just got two Magi hatchis, though, and one of 'em should gender Female. I hope. Any suggestions on how to start this/keep this organized? Should I bother? Would anyone want one when I was done with this project?
  13. Picked up these two pretties: http://dragcave.net/lineage/p956P http://dragcave.net/lineage/0HCBV Feels odd that they went to a Pillow step, but I'll keep going with it. Is that a good idea, dedicated breeders? Should I breed it with CB Pillows from here on out? ...or maybe seven gens of CB Pillows, then seven gens of another breed...? That'd be an interesting project.