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http://dragcave.net/user/KuraiKittyI am IOU friendly. :DI now have Shimmer breeding lists in my profile! PM if you're interested in trading for my Shimmers. I'll be giving out some fairly regularly in the Departures thread. :) I'm always looking for: Shimmer Stairsteps x Common mates, or EG Shimmers of any color. The lower gen, the better; I'm working on a long-term Shimmer gifting program! :DNote to self: Don't bite eggs. You're terrible at it. Success rate with Vampire bites to date: 5%. Edit 6/27: You killed another one. Stop biting.

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    Using as an IOU Tracker:

    LegendOfKorraFan: 2nd Gen Silver from Copper


    I owe:

    lorimmel: 2nd Gen Gold from CB Royal Crimson, CB Seragamma, CB Tsunami, CB Sunrise, CB Spring, CB Autumn, or Cb Speckled Throat.


    IOU list of awesome: (AKA, will always take IOUs from these people)

    Shimmer Lists: Please PM me with a trade offer if you would like to be on the list. I'm always looking for Shimmerswaps! The generation number is in the names of each of these Shimmers, for sake of simplicity.

    Gold Shimmers:
    Fifth Luminescent Heart: Stairstep from Simoniac with Luminas. Code: anjq5.

    Crucio ze Lunar VI: Stairstep from Virn ze Lunar with Greys. Code: t5Lcw.

    Eighth Step to Heaven: Descending Wave from Geumseol Menoth with Golden Wyverns. Code: ml0BP.

    Silver Shimmers:
    Fifth Starborn Treasure: Stairstep from Dazzling Girl with Purple Nebulas. Code: evI4U.
    List: 1. lorimmel

    Bronze Shimmers:
    Fourth Defiance of Order: double-spiral from Schimmernder Drache with Royal Blues. Code: d2It1.

    Viva la Fifth Tesla: Stairstep from Seaglory with Electrics. Code: Iimi7.