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  1. (sorry if this has been said. a lot to read through and i just wanted to throw out this option) i feel pinks should be possible without abandoning by going the neglected route in a way. depriving them of views until they reach something like 1-2 days left (close, but not as extreame like with neglecteds). would make sense with yellows needing a ton of views that a pink would get the opposite without need to abandon. it allows players to also keep their linage breeds without all the gambleing in AP or trade. along with market/ CB being worth hunting for pinks becuase you can actually
  2. have NR PB nilia male. want NR PB nilia female. trade link.
  3. new electrics need to have hatchlings stunned. peach florets were cave released while the other two are still being figured out on how to get them. maybe breeding, but unsure. the purple hybrid? crimson royal X blue royal.
  4. if the pink is an egg, then yes at around 4000+. if hatched, then no.
  5. a little warning that there is a 4th outcome: prematurely hatches and runs away (auto abandoned)
  6. i like new mechanics and challenges being added, but gotta agree that ALL of this at once is waaaay too much. if the bdays continue to get bigger releases and a swarm of new mechanics, people are gonna start dreading the day rather then a celebratory mood for it.
  7. abandoning eggs for people to try and re-catch them reminds me of ye olden dragon cave days. back when there was no teleport and to "trade" was to stalk the AP and time it perfectly with the other person abandoning the to be traded egg. hopefully you caught it or else someone else did and you were outta luck.
  8. warded my canto, then mistakenly incubated it and realized i just ruined its color now. hopefully i can ward it again. 😒
  9. i got 4 of the new peach eggs, 1 new nilia, 1 new copper, and 1 hybrid.crimson x blue. all my thunders failed/ refused and my florets x celestials only gave the basic colors. 😒
  10. oh i see the curled hatch is the difference. seems weird to make a whole row for it though. instead of just keeping it next to the other in 1.
  11. my encyclopedia for black dragons is showing the normal blacks, but then two rows of the ALTS. one already fully revealed and the other with adults fogged. using newest chrome, win 10.
  12. i am only missing the very first years eggs since i didn't join till after. super nice to be getting them. 😁
  13. hope everyone had a lovely valentines. loved the event and these new dragons will def be my fave of all the vday dragons! 😍
  14. ah, love that theres a dark vday dragon aside from the restricted sweetlings. 😍
  15. that thunderbolts and lighting story was a little depressing not gonna lie. 😬
  16. mine just hatched and they came out like i expected them too. 2 reds from: influenced > incubated 4 pinks influenced only 2 blues from: influenced > precog does trading after hatching make an orange? i assume no, and only affects eggs.
  17. based on how i did the BSA's iam prob gonna get 4 pinks, 2 reds and 2 blues from precog. ive influenced them all, then incubated 2. and 2 i used precog. i think ill hold of on doing a trade swap for a possible orange couple. just to see what i get first.
  18. what if earthquake did something. like you got the colors but it shuffled them around. <-<
  19. i feel like people are making this more complicated then it needs to be. if you have to jump through hoops for each color then thats a bit much for a mini collecting game. it would make most sense that colors come from their biome with 1 color possibly being from incubating. as that was a new mechanic and would make sense to add more under it.
  20. ive been making game, youtube, cartoons, and movie refs mainly. the 200 cookie is to memorialize my comic reaching 200 pages this year. ;u; (the random person to receive it is probably horribly confused.)
  21. kinda late, but so happy to hear someone enjoys my halloween buggers.
  22. just 5 hours to clarify from laura. once it hits the 3 day mark they will grow up.
  23. myabe the blue was in partial reference to the blue moon on halloween. and maybe its next blue cycle will be on the next full moon?