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  1. Time for egg grabbing madness. Thank you for the event! It was and is great
  2. I have nine Dino eggs/hatchies with me right now. Its a first! I'm so happy.
  3. Same. They're all clogged with ER eggs :/
  4. Welp you caught it so its up to you . It's so pretty
  5. Hope it genders right! I'm sure you can smell my jealousy from your computer hahha.
  6. i think there will be. there havent been any high time hatchies in these walls, only low time hatchies. it sure would be cool if there were a wall of hatchies though!
  7. I can't wait to see a wall full of hatchies after all this. It will be so cool!!!
  8. Haha you can't even catch commons in this mess
  9. i actually managed to snatch that one
  10. so many 1 day eggs in the ap O.O
  11. only one zombie. ive never tried doing this before though. how long do they last on your scroll?
  12. i wanna say i found this and thisa while back and i've been continuing it. best inbread line ever. i just wish i could find the scroll that started it all
  13. Looking.... I like Soap Operas are Disgusting hahha. I so agree
  14. I'd like to join again. (im so late haha) I'll set up a google doc here\
  15. Just snatched this guy. And I hoard Nebulas so it's perfect for me!
  16. looking... wen white boys try to hit on u haha oh. You have great names
  17. Looking...... edit: I like -->I Need That Shoe to have a Baby hahah what
  18. Haha yes! This is funny but sad and yet awesome. I'd love to see this!
  19. HA as if the guards will listen to you. we are in jail. we were put in here, maybe even in the same cell, for a reason. anyways, MOVE IT D:<