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  1. Out of curiosity, how did you see my old names? They're all gone. Another user said the wayback machine. I checked. Okay yeah some of them are a little immature I see but not necessary inappropriate. Some are play on words I guess but aren't innately inappropriate.
  2. I was hoping someone could help me with this. I have been using dragon cave for years. Probably since 2009 or so, it's been a very long time. Today I learned that this happened to me. Why? I thought all names were blocked if they were not appropriate. This has never been a problem. I am one to name ALL of my dragons so I am very upset about this. Is there any way this can be reversed? I will try to be more cautious with my naming although I never thought I was being intentionally inappropriate. ALL of my names have been deleted. This is extremely upsetting as I have been naming them ever since I was a child and I had names that were very special to me. I don't see any TOS of the sort that says that anything I was doing was wrong. Even so, it was not intentional. I would very much like the ability to name my dragons back even if it means having to rename all of them again. Thank you scroll: https://dragcave.net/user/DratiniDragon10000
  3. Time for egg grabbing madness. Thank you for the event! It was and is great
  4. I have nine Dino eggs/hatchies with me right now. Its a first! I'm so happy.
  5. Same. They're all clogged with ER eggs :/
  6. Welp you caught it so its up to you . It's so pretty
  7. Hope it genders right! I'm sure you can smell my jealousy from your computer hahha.
  8. i think there will be. there havent been any high time hatchies in these walls, only low time hatchies. it sure would be cool if there were a wall of hatchies though!
  9. I can't wait to see a wall full of hatchies after all this. It will be so cool!!!
  10. Haha you can't even catch commons in this mess
  11. i actually managed to snatch that one
  12. so many 1 day eggs in the ap O.O
  13. only one zombie. ive never tried doing this before though. how long do they last on your scroll?
  14. i wanna say i found this and thisa while back and i've been continuing it. best inbread line ever. i just wish i could find the scroll that started it all
  15. Looking.... I like Soap Operas are Disgusting hahha. I so agree
  16. Just got this as a gendered hatchling
  17. I'd like to join again. (im so late haha) I'll set up a google doc here\
  18. Just snatched this guy. And I hoard Nebulas so it's perfect for me!
  19. looking... wen white boys try to hit on u haha oh. You have great names