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  1. *grabs a Royal Blue and runs off*
  2. I have 2 earrings, one in each ear, that I don't even have in half the time. I don't plan on getting anything else.
  3. OMG I LOVES IT! *pokes own hatchies* Grow up. Grow up now.
  4. I can meow almost exactly like a cat and get them to talk back to me, and I used to be able to do a gibbon call. My gibbon call was so good that when I was at a zoo standing on front of a gibbon cage and did it, the gibbon started to call back! I was soon wishing I never did that... the whole zoo probably heard the gibbon it was so loud!
  5. I'm from Canada... the forgotten land of Canada.
  6. Merry Christmas dragcave! And thank you for the lovely eggies TJ and the spriters!
  7. Dumbledore 'cuz he's awesome like that.
  8. Pineapple on my face makes a rash. O.o
  9. Lolwut I got 8. I guess that's pretty good compared to everyone else here! O.o
  10. My life is, like, OWNED by cats! In addition to having 3 cats at the moment, I was born in the year of the tiger and my zodiac sign is Leo. I have never lived without a cat in my house!
  11. I like my lineages just because... they're neat. And the spirals/stairsteps look pretty. They're also fun to make. And its cool knowing a descendant of one of TJ's dragons is living on your scroll.
  12. My cb Ice egg that I caught earlier got softshell after I put it in my signature on a forum I was roleplaying on. Stupid me, I know they always get softshell when I put them there to show them off right away! They always end up getting like 6 clicks in a day.
  13. Several times, I have looked at an egg in the cave, thought "hey, that looks like a rare egg! I think I'll check the description!" and checked the description on the wiki. Of course, when I confirmed my suspicions that that was indeed a rare egg and came back and clicked on it, it was gone. *facepalm*
  14. I have 3 bronzes, 2 silvers, and 1 gold. Me happy!
  15. I just bred a Bronze Tinsel with the code "GELLO" My Tinsels are just spewing out awesome codes!
  16. Oh Oh My Gosh Gosh (Silver Tinsel with the code ooMgg) Dill Pickle (Canopy) Ten O' Clock At Night (Vine, guess when I named her? ) I also have Birthday Surprise Winterstern, my first tinsel, Bronze, who I got on my birthday. I had to add the Winterstern because of the lineage.
  17. Recently I bred a silver tinsel with the code ooMgg. OMG!
  18. Would this be counted as a spiral? http://dragcave.net/lineage/4ZIhD
  19. Granted, but then some bees decided to make a hive in it and you end up being stung every 5 minutes. I wish I could fly!
  20. The cave's empty. Hope some more eggs come along soon.
  21. I have a black with the code uBst. Maybe it's telling me I'm the best?
  22. I've gone and got myself into a hyped-up state about minecraft beta because it seems so fun (in survival mode). Unfortunately, my parents won't let me get it until I reach a math goal by Feb. 21. Ah, well, at least it's a good motivation source.
  23. Darg no mail... Oh well, at least I'll be able to see the new dragons. Congrats to all you lucky people who won!