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  1. Been gone for a while due to a move. Updating to 531 Spits.
  2. Updating my total of adults/frozen hatchlings to 330! And I managed to get celis' hidden CB egg from the above post. Thank you very much!
  3. I did get some, thank you very much for them I had been gone for a little bit so it was a great way to catch up and the timing was almost perfect Edit: O.o snagged the cb egg thank you Stitch
  4. Got it thank you so much! I guess now would be a good time to officially join. Spitfires will be placed at the bottom of my scroll. I have a Pigmy keeping the current total below the spitfires. All eligible spits will have 13 at the end of their name. Very few I caught before 2013. Total as of today 101 (frozen and adults. Not growing dragons.)
  5. Imagine how many variety eggs you miss having the chance to get just from being stuck on the blocker page... Kinda frustrating
  6. It probably has already been said but I rather dislike the new format simply because I have to refresh 20+ times to see newer eggs and every other time it just gives me a bunch of low time cave blockers. Maybe if it could flip back and forth for each refresh? I would like that more.
  7. Is there any way to tell who sent the flower to you?