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  1. Always give the Corsala the Rawst Berry (Bitter Berry)!!
  2. Please have good IVs and perhaps a shiny ;-;//
  3. Random Rares and Starter / Cressillia
  4. i do not green eggs and ham I do not like them sam I am :3 I have an A in computer! : D Next puny morsel(Next Person): One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war five, six, seven eight try to keep your thumb straight.
  5. ((Draggy!! : D My friend! Username: orange Character Name: Cryo Tridentia Gender (look at the district section for info if it's taken first): Male Age (12-17): 16 Skills (Archery, hand to hand, making traps, ect.): Cryo's preferred style of defense or offense is his hand to hand combat, though he can pull of a few throwing daggers with powerful accuracy. His secret weapon is the halberd, he can thrown and swipe with both ends of the halberd. Though his non-leathal skill is trapping, when he was in the safe area of District Two his father would take him hunting, there he would teac
  6. The goldfish Hellfire Wyvern egg was close to hatching. Every so often Axis kicks and makes a new crack. Now, the egg was very close to hatching: very, very close. Axis struggled then kicked force fully, she saw darkness. Her eyes were still closed so she couldn't see anything. Though, when she stumbled out of her flimsy egg, she opened her eyes. Everything was a bright and new, like she was in a dream. She saw a hatchling, a nebula. It was very bright. Axis tried to stand on her two feet, though she quickly fell down. She yelped, very loud in fact, hoping to get the Nebula's attention hoping
  7. orange

    2011-01-18 - Blackout

    Thank you TJ! Free speech for every one! America is a free country and we have the right to have free speech. This Bill is violating our First Amendment of the Constitution.
  8. EEEEEE That is perfect!!! I love it!!!! *adds to sig right away!*
  9. If the birdie requests are open, can I have a Bright Green over coat and a Purplish Blue color for the under-carriage? Thank you! Also, sorry if the requests are closed.
  10. wow that is really cool! I would maybe steal it >>
  11. Starri700 died when she tried to steal the little Thunder Hatchling. Then the momma Swallowtail went medieval....
  12. Crío approached Vita. "You know we are not getting any younger and we need an heir to take over when we pass. I was thinking we could have a egg? This is just an idea, though sometime this millennium we will need to have an egg." Crío saw the new addition to the clan: Lapis. He was walking into a Gamma den and going to sleep. I wonder when we will go attack the humans? Maybe I could persuade Vita to come with me to go raid the humans.
  13. Wow.. My wreath isn't that good compared to all of your guys'. :/ My Wreath
  14. Yep.. I read on the Wiki (not reliable source btw BUT ITS TRUE!) that girls are great snipers. Hehehe. I wonder if I look like a guy they will let me in >> << I am part of the Women's Equal Rights Movement so ya.
  15. Yep I know. >> Tralalla working out lifting weights getting in shape getting biceps and guns! It was just an inspiration of girls being of some importance in America. Cause really they don't.
  16. I shoot high and settle for less than my best. My favorite quote. "Dreaming is the magic that can turn dreams into a reality." (EDIT: The most stubborn girl here on these forums.) My inspiration is the movie G.I Jane. Oh god I love that movie. Also, the shark. I don't know why when ever I see one I think. "I am going to be a Navy SEAL." @Nightwalker I respect your opinion I get why a lot of guys don't want a girl fighting. A guy once said to me when I was talking about wanting to be a Navy SEAL. "Really? You know that is a guy's job. Not a stupid girl's job. Girls are sup
  17. Well to bad. I am the kind of girl who likes beating the crap out of other people to save another, I love shooting guns, I love playing football. I basically have a guy personality with a girl body. I have massive guns! (muscles for all of you softies also i do have guns) Also. I don't care how many obstacles I will go through to become a Navy SEAL. I will be the best of the best. I don't care what others think of me. I am going to save the world one day.
  18. 1) I want to prove that girls can be as or more powerful as men can 2) My great-grandpa was a WWII vet. and he was amazing, I just want to be like him. But only in Navy SEAL version. He was an Air Force Pilot. 3) I don't know. Just want to stop the military sexism. EDIT: Level 6 baby
  19. orange

    Song Name Game

    Nimrod - Green Day (ROCK ON!)
  20. Aw sorry about your dad's friend . I am the strongest 7th grader in my school which is Preschool-12th. Really really creepy *shivers*. I am going to be the first girl SEAL!!!!!! FTW EDIT: Wait grammar correction. "I am the strongest kid in my school." Whew there!
  21. Ever since I was a little girl at the age of 6 I wanted to be a Navy Seal. Everyday since that, I have been doing everything to become a Navy Seal. I am 14 right now and just figured out girls can't be SEALS. I was so mad, but who can stop me? I even made my own "O" Course. I do it every day after my school, it is in the forest behind my farm! Still, it won't stop me till I truly become a Navy SEAL. What is your guys' input on this? Are/were you in the SEALS? Little Comment: Don't be negative on this thread only positive please!
  22. I think you may have more characters than you can chew. I mean 9 characters is a lot of characters to keep up with. Just my suggestion, cut down the characters a little bit. >> <<
  23. (( Hey guys I broke my arm and leg a few days ago. So please excuse my short posts and lack of proper spelling :/)) "Yep, she will have her claws full. I bet that little Purple will be a great medic, with Shallen mentoring her." Oh Shallen, you are such a great medic... ((Sorry it was short..)
  24. Wait. Are you guys using the Pre-Realeses? Or 1.0.0, cause I keep trying to join the server... >>