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  1. Xenowyrm Strateae, any lineage is fine. I have been searching for weeks in the cave and AP. thank you ❤️
  2. The diamond eggs are beautiful! I wish we could freeze eggs.
  3. My boyfriend was in town on Valentine's Day and I forgot about my valentine eggs and they died.
  4. I bred my five Brutes, released four eggs and kept one.
  5. Easiest catch ever. Just logged in after forgetting about new eggs and filled up my scroll without even trying. First. Thanks TJ and spriters, these look like they will be fierce.
  6. I still can't get through aliset. this is 8 times going through every link.
  7. No, I try to go to the next village and I get a message that it's dark or something.
  8. Aliset is frustrating me. I've picked up 30 items, and I've gone through the town 4 times now. At night, during the day, and after logging out and back in. I don't see any unlocked shops...not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  9. I just caught 5 during the xx:00 drop, with my slow-a** connection & dinosaur computer
  10. I used to have a problem with insomnia when I was in the habit of repeatedly checking my forums, scroll, forums, cave, twitter, instagram, tumblr, forums, scroll, cave...Internet K-Hole. I try to get off the computer now around 10 and do stuff around the house to wind down without any tv, phone, computer. I also used to rely on xanax to get to sleep (because my mind just races about stuff) and now I get sleepy after just drinking a cup of Traditional Medicinals lavender chamomile tea or warm almond milk with turmeric, honey, fresh cracked pepper and ginger.
  11. Magmas are my favorite for their detail, but I like the color and pose of the Ice. Magma hatchlings are adorable.
  12. Flamingo Wyverns and Nebulas. Because I like them and I have names for future dragons. I also click on Embers, Whites, and Blacks if I see them.
  13. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to follow up on my dragon's babies, although I do check out the babies I had to abandon due to them being the wrong egg for a lineage project. I like seeing that they are well cared for and named. The other day I noticed one was named after the parents and I thought that was really nice.
  14. Gorgeous dragon, LadyLyzar! Thank you, TJ, and the spriters of the lovely badge, box of chocolates and valentine cards. <3
  15. Sending mine to users I know on another forum, plus some people here who have gifted me eggs (if I didn't delete their PM because of space issues).
  16. These eggs are beautiful! Thanks DC, Happy Valentine's Day!
  17. Yeah some people don't care about lineages so... I personally love beautiful lineages. All the v-day eggs I caught were 2nd gen with CB parents. I would have thrown them back if they were messy. I only have one egg that was gifted to me that isn't 2nd gen but I wouldn't toss it back just for the principle.
  18. I haven't seen a Rosebud either.
  19. I suppose you didn't read the previous posts? There is a breeding glitch for the Rosebuds.