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  1. So far this is my hardest Halloween.... guess I should just wait until morning. Happy Halloween!
  2. Happy Lag Day... I mean, Happy Halloween...
  3. Last one tonight... my poor poor Silver Sentry.... http://dragcave.net/view/wuqO
  4. So far.... http://dragcave.net/view/qot06 http://dragcave.net/view/kPLcm http://dragcave.net/view/A51J7 http://dragcave.net/view/gOOO6 Too bad about the dino potion not working on my frozen hatchies... *shrugs*
  5. QUOTE (cynlee) Managed two potions... one worked beautifully, one said I had no dragons to use it on! I wonder what dragon I don't have that it would work on. Do you have any adult dinos? May be those. (SockPuppetStrangler) That explains it... my dinos are frozen hatchies.
  6. Managed two potions... one worked beautifully, one said I had no dragons to use it on! I wonder what dragon I don't have that it would work on.
  7. Well crap.... got too anxious and tried to brew teh first two ingredients I collected.... now I have nothing (and no potion).
  8. Crash???? CRASH! *panic in the streets*
  9. It does seem to be a bit difficult to snatch a few this time around.... almost like the "old times" sans the Lag Monster.
  10. Happy Birthday fellow Cavers.... *impatiently stalks caves*
  11. Lucky me! I went to the cave to check on mah babies, saw everything was "empty" and then WOOO NEW EGGIE!!!!
  12. I *knew* I shouldn't have gone to bed after 9, but out here nothing was happening. One down, sixty-one to go!
  13. Woo hoo beautiful work Spriters!!! Now to see how the last two look....
  14. Luck was with me! I got one of each color! Guess I didn't need that fourth one after all... but I'm keeping it! Wish TJ's would grow up so I can figure out names for MINE!
  15. Jeeze, 10 beef carcasses and she *still* wants "more meat"... what the heck???
  16. I know it says come back each day... this is only the second day, but dang, some people have TONS of stuff, while I still just get the same old magic items. How is that possible?
  17. I think I actually got one on my first go at the start of the event! Anyway, got my two.. now to find out about the new event. Thanks in advance TJ and Spriters!
  18. Hmmm.. no point in lurking my email box. Congrats to the winners! *sniffles*
  19. Cave is down. Mean something? Nevermind... back up, nothing new to see. *goes back to lurking*
  20. For some reason that makes me happy! *eagerly watches email..... prods email repeatedly*
  21. What blackdragon71 said! I don't hang around here much, but I do lurk around occasionally... I see things haven't changed. There's always someone upset about something. I am *GLAD* they've made the compromise! I like both (but yeah, I have a fondness for the original). I think last year's Christmas dragons are among my most favorite of all of them. So YAY for compromise! Yay for BOTH kinds of Solstice dragons! Yay for Dragon Cave!
  22. So my original ones have the sunset hue, and the others all have blue. Personally I think the all-blue takes away some of the "depth" of the original wing color, but still, that's the game, right?
  23. Didn't the left-over Christmas eggs hang around the AP longer last year? I had hoped to snag at least a few more. Anyway, wonderful event-- can't wait to see how the story turns out, and as for the drawing... I'll be interested to see what the winners get.