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  1. I think the only way to solve ALL the drama around prizes is to make them unbreedable. So they are similar to a badge, that's all. No more trading drama. People who get them keep them as a gift of the raffle, but that's it. No breeding, no drama.
  2. They are cute dragons, but the colors are a little dull for Christmas. And they somehow remind me of the Frosted Holly dragon from Tale of Dragons: I think that if their color was stronger/darker, they would look better. And maybe adding them a little of red?... don't know.
  3. Oh, I would like some hilarious gift messages as well
  4. Please Tj, offer us Tabs for Christmas I'm getting desperate without them. I have 10 pages of dragons in my scroll, and growing...can't find the dragons I wish anymore
  5. A egg that came from the Gods. Literally. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! To the one who gets it, please name it with a name that matches the parents, if possible.
  6. I came across DC many many years ago in a website called Glitter Graphics. People were posting the eggs in the comments so they could get clicks. I had never played a similar game and I liked the eggs, so I decided to join. But it was quite hard at the time because there were no Hatcheries and my first eggs always died. But then it got better and when I had my first adult dragons, they looked truly gorgerous(I still remember, it was a Magi, a Red, a pink and a Water dragon).
  7. This egg was born literally from an Elf's wish Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  8. This dragons are so busy looking, that I can't figure out where is what. Quite disappointed with them. If they were bigger maybe they would not look so busy, because they are pretty. I think they should be simpler, then the sprite will really look better.
  9. Graves, Cavern Lurkers and Shadow Walkers were quite easy to get and pick good codes, I remember, it was very fun. But this new ones are just a pain, can't get neat codes.
  10. Yes, they are not difficult to catch, however they are indeed dropping much less than the other years. In previous years we could be hunting for codes easily(at least code collectors) without worries because there were always eggs in the biomes. I've found that more difficult this time.
  11. It is just me or it seems that they are dropping less than the other past halloween dragons? I mean, the last 2 years the biomes were always full with eggs, but now this ones seem to be dropping less.
  12. Totally agree I think females should look stronger. For example the Undine Dragon female really looks like a frightened dog. oh well... As for the new dragons, I love their colors.
  13. Same happened to me http://dragcave.net/view/LADYm http://dragcave.net/view/LOrDc
  14. I didn't know about that, thanks for the tip! Even so it will be hard, because I don't name my dragons so much anymore. Tabs will solve everything!
  15. TJ, when will you add tabs? We the old players, who have thousands of dragons, have no way to find a specific dragon in the middle of so many pages! For me it's awful when I want to breed certain dragons... I mean, it would be extremely useful if I could have, for example, a tab for metallics, other for cool codes, a tab for commons, gifts, special dragons... and so on. And be able to create a new tab whenever it's needed. At the moment is almost impossible to find a dragon to breed it, they are thousands and thousands! Please think about this. Thank you!
  16. I don't agree with this. I am an old player, and even for me it's still almost impossible to get certain dragons, so I don't see why should we retire dragons to make them more valuable and to cause a crazy demand for certain species. This already exists with not retired dragons and I don't think we need more of it. It takes all the fun for many of the DC players here. Besides, many people deny lineages with Old Pinks and Frills because they cannot continue them. It makes the game restricted to an small elite group of players and it's not fair.
  17. I'm looking for a good mate for this Undine: http://dragcave.net/lineage/7oELf He's an elf I need to find him a female that has a code related to his(something to do with fairies, forest, magic, etc). If anyone has the perfect match, please let me know
  18. Wow these ones are stunning! I remember them. Thank you!
  19. I guess so I just caught one more. I hope they don't become rare.
  20. They seem difficult to get, or it is just me?
  21. The hatchlings are cute. Looking foward to see the adults
  22. The dark hatchlings remind me of the marrow dragons
  23. Leaving this here for code lovers: The lady orded(it should be ordered!)