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  1. I didn't get any new egg from Volcano they seem impossible to catch and I can't see them dropping anymore.
  2. Just love this sprite, and the hatchlings as well. I noticed the change after looking at the hatchlings in my scroll. They were beautiful and cute. Status of my DC Valentine's day: ruined
  3. It's possible to take the spider on a date? If yes, the game will end? People have been saying that when the game ends you can't play it again(to get a different end). I haven't been to the forest yet.
  4. I also can't find any spider or horse I'm stuck.
  5. Is there any walkthrough for this game? I'm getting really frustrated
  6. I've written so many times ''examine leaves'' but nothing! it just worked now thanks!
  7. In the Mountain Path, how do you examine the shiny thing in the leaves? "There isn't much to be seen here except for some ROCKS and STICKS, as well as a large pile of dead LEAVES. Though wait—did you just see something shiny in the LEAVES?"
  8. I've been doing that, but seems impossible to win.
  9. Anyone can explain me how to play the halloween game? I just can't figure it out
  10. I'm so happy with this. Congratulations DC! I need an army of old pinks and frills
  11. Just a tiny question, why there are no Heartstealings in the AP? Since Valentine's Day event started, that I rarely saw any. Are they rare or something?
  12. Wow this dragon is just stunning!
  13. I would, but the problem is he never answers ^^'
  14. It is a possibility I guess. But then, as the one who created the dragon, shouldn't I be able to see the thread, or at least be notified? In case that I would like to make a change or just to know what's going on.
  15. It was a Completed Request And now the link says "You do not have permission to view this topic".
  16. I don't know if this is the right place to post this question but... I cannot find my dragon on Dragon Requests. I usually check it sometimes a year but this time I am unable to find it. What might have happened?
  17. Can't get any gold heralds I don't even see them appearing.
  18. This is the worst release ever I just managed to get a pair of golds. Now I just can't catch any others. I wonder if they will be rare?
  19. I cannot catch them Are they still dropping? and where?
  20. Aren't the new eggs dropping anymore? I caught some in the first day, but now I don't see them
  21. I just have to share this lineages I've built: Line of Nobles Lineage of Gods Then a line of Gods and Nobles Now starting a lineage of Faith I can breed them upon request.
  22. So nice to know that I wish I had that luck too. I usually gift a lot to people, but rarely I receive any gift. Probably because of that I'm ARK listed Anyways, I received a lovely gift from The_Bucket, and I will continue to try to get a 2nd gen Shimmer. Thanks everyone!
  23. Thank you so much ^^ Well, years trading Tinsels, I never got near a 2nd gen. I have enough Tinsels, and the last time I tried to trade the lowest gens I have(I always ask for a fair trade, which means a same gen swap), I end up with the Tinsels growing up in my scroll and no offers. So I'm not into them right now. The problem is that for you to produce 3rd gens, it means that you have to own 2nd gens to breed. I never got any with Tinsels, so I would wish to have at least one 2nd gen Shimmer. The lowest gens I have are a 3rd gen male and female(here's the lineage of one of their offspring: http://dragcave.net/lineage/iMk4E), and as they are even gen, I never get a stairstep swap for example. I am happy with longer gens, but the problem is that they just don't trade. Having a 2nd gen will solve this years long issue I have since Tinsels, that's all I will keep trying and hope that I can get fair offers for my CB green Copper.