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  1. Why people here give so much importance to lineage? If there is a person(like me for example) who just don't have a tinsel,and just want one,why require the tinsel more a good lineage. I guess is asking to much. People like me just want a Tinsel as is.
  2. wow,how lucky of you i guess i need to look at the AP more times.
  3. just like me. if i had one,i will breed and give to those who have none. I've been trying to get one too by trade and i even deal with arrogant people.whatever... And the people who have tinsels,how do you got them? caught them in the AP?
  4. I don't have a Tinsel,and i would pay for one. now,talking serious,i really wish to have one someday.But i know the waiting list is long...so i will focus on negleted for now.
  5. wow,amazing changes! i can't wait for them!
  6. They are so gorgerous! is just me or the male sprites are prettier than females? not just Black Marrows but most of the sprites. that's discrimination