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  1. I'm really not impressed by this new dragons.They are fine,but don't make me want to go *grab all I can before is too late*.In fact,I'm quite disappointed with the latest releases.Hope halloween will be better.
  2. Are you sure about that? last years I only saw *2* holies in the AP,and I was hunting for eggs all the christmas time,since I was in vacations. I really want one this year,thought I don't know how I will get one specially if I can't catch one in AP.
  3. Well,I guess so. The idea for the dragon,the descriptions for the species and physical appearance,the management of everything...the creator is not only a spectator.He/she deserves to be treated as equal to the spriter,specially if he/she does whatever he/she can,even trying to do a sprite with the small knowledges he/she has(and fail because of that).
  4. I would like to leave here some feedback about Dragon Request's Section. I'm quite new at making dragons,I'm doing my second one now.I've learn a LOT from my first one,And I'm thankful for that.I also learn from watching other dragon requests. What I've been noticing is that a dragon creator has not the same rights as the spriter. the creator can just be happy if the dragon gets in the cave,while the spriter has the right of having an Alt as well as other privileges.That's not very fair.The spriter takes it all.I think creators should have the right as well to have an unique version of the dragon,since her/his idea and she/he made half of the work.
  5. Ok,but then why you joked with my dragon? Your earlier title was " snapdragon aka dark pinks aka spartans".A member of this forum told me you like to joke and you don't do it with bad intentions,but have you already thought that you could hurt someone's feelings? No one knows what is behind the idea of my dragon,and the cause of so much drama in the thread,I will reveal it when the correct time comes. I thought there should be more protection for creators in this forum,just that.
  6. That is really a shame Creators should have some protection as the spriters. it was intentional for sure olympe,even a friend of mine commented on that topic and the topic starter changed the title some minutes after. And I doubt that "dark pink" was a color intention on that thread,Since I guess the snapdragons are not pink I believe. I'm just pointing that because I see this happen a LOT on dragon requests,and I think it should not be allowed.Plagiarism is an ugly crime and only shows that people who commit it don't have any creativity of their own. And I'm not saying to forbid colors or other aspects,I'm just saying that should be forbidden create dragon requests that are CLEARLY a copy of your own. I've seen for example a dragon request that is a fusion of two dragon requests. The point is not using your own creativity and make something good on your own for the cave? this is just my opinion.
  7. I totally agree. I received a lot of warns that I think my member title's should be "miss warns" Now,talking serious,I received a warn that costed me 7 days without posting and...the warn was WRONG.I've received the mods apologies.And though I still feel attacked,like if I was a prey in the jungle and did something to catch the eye of the lion... And something that I really want to say about Dragon requests: It is allowed to plagiarize someone else's ideas and make a dragon almost the same,and even joke with that? I have a Dragon Request named "dark pinks",and very recently that happened to me. Someone made a dragon request that was clearly taken from mine(ideas) and if that was not enough the topic starter joked with me in the title: "snapdragons aka dark pinks aka spartans". I believe that only spriters and their artwork are protected here,and the creators/drawers have no protection against plagiarism,that's is very wrong.
  8. I'm a water http://dragcave.net/view/n/bianca
  9. I have an adult white dragon with the code Uzael http://dragcave.net/view/uZAeL I named it just like the code, it reminds me of an angel's name
  10. Wow,moonstones are just STUNNING! i can't wait to see the sunstone male. Or is the same sprite for both male and female?
  11. Just found some really odd and quite stupid: http://dragcave.net/lineage/YAgRu how can be bred an egg from deceased parents?
  12. ahah me too but i did that with many other eggs. i'm so distracted. and now i've caught an white egg with a very longgggggg messy lineage just because the code was Uzael. It reminded me a name of an angel
  13. OMG is this a Pink Tinsel?! i'm seeing well? http://dragcave.net/lineage/Penk edited to lineage link
  14. The problem is that the most of the people just don't keep promises.They are not honest in the most of times.What costs being honest? as i've said before in this topic,if i had a tinsel,the first thing i would do was a topic to give away tinsel eggs to people who just don't have them yet(if i was supported by other tinsel owner,then it would be great). Maybe i will catch some in the AP and make this come true
  15. Well,it is a point of view,Goslander.Everyone sees the game in different points of view. for me is literaly a dream to get a tinsel,and even with the good offers i've been made,no one wants to trade and i keep abandoning good eggs for nothing since i don't want my scroll always locked. But if someone gives me a chance to have one,i would keep a good lineage,as i do with all my other dragons.
  16. You get me wrong.Of course it has to be a trade,i didn't expect it to be in other way,i'm not a beggar. Indeed,i am offering good eggs for trade in other topics.
  17. Ok,now i understand better,thank you for explaining So,next time i send a PM to another user requesting a tinsel,i would say: "I want a tinsel,and i promise i will make a good lineage with it,the best i can imagine" And i'm talking seriously.I would never mess a dragon's lineage,specially the one of a tinsel.I would even ask if the giver of the tinsel would like me to follow the lineage in a certain way. Do you think i'm able to ask for a tinsel now?
  18. Why people here give so much importance to lineage? If there is a person(like me for example) who just don't have a tinsel,and just want one,why require the tinsel more a good lineage. I guess is asking to much. People like me just want a Tinsel as is.
  19. wow,how lucky of you i guess i need to look at the AP more times.
  20. just like me. if i had one,i will breed and give to those who have none. I've been trying to get one too by trade and i even deal with arrogant people.whatever... And the people who have tinsels,how do you got them? caught them in the AP?
  21. I don't have a Tinsel,and i would pay for one. now,talking serious,i really wish to have one someday.But i know the waiting list is long...so i will focus on negleted for now.
  22. wow,amazing changes! i can't wait for them!
  23. They are so gorgerous! is just me or the male sprites are prettier than females? not just Black Marrows but most of the sprites. that's discrimination