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  1. As I expected, I didn't win, but congrats to all those who did I'd ask for the chance of a trade, but I don't think I have anything worth trading for
  2. Is there any way to charge the way the ornaments are layered? regardless of how many times i try, it just wont go the way i want it to, some help please?
  3. I wish i'd looked here before spending all that time decorating my tree........I had it completely sorted, hit submit, got a message saying i could continue to edit until the 8th, so decided to look over it again, and my tree was completely blank (as it had been, as I'd been resetting tree to get all the new ornaments out of the way) Also, i can't get the decorations to layer exactly how i want.....is there a special way of doing it?
  4. I'm looking forward to having a lot of fun with this competition, and if by some sheer miracle i win, after i've traded for a few desired dragons, i will be dropping randomly, without warning, so everyone has a chance to get them
  5. YAY, can't wait for these to be implemented
  6. so many of these have had me lol'ing as for mine..... i think maybe: * damn it, i only had one more thing to do on my list of things to do before i die* or *maybe i should of left cliff diving off my list*
  7. 1: to have enough money that me and my family will never have to struggle with our finances 2: For everyone in the world to get along (or if not get along, agree to disagree) and be happy 3: That no one ever has to face losing someone they love ever again
  8. Personally, I love eating meat, and while ethically I'd love to eat only organically/free range produced meat/eggs/milk etc, unfortunately I don't have the cash flow to do so as it all costs so much more than the mass produced stuff. Also, since it's being produced, if people didn't eat it, it would go to waste and therefore mean the the animals died and (possibly) suffered for no reason.
  9. I'm afraid i'm really boring, i can only speak english.....well apart from the small bits of french i remember from school.......
  10. It took me a while, but i managed to get 3 of them