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  1. I finished up Painter's collection :)

    4 minutes ago, DragonCavePlayer said:

    Phew! I haven't been active in this event like I should've been! I sent out a bunch of cards/flowers and will continue going through these pages.

    Now working on the last two rows (plus the rose) for DragonCavePlayer

  2. 1 hour ago, tigryonak said:

    I was curious about the question mark this whole time lol

    Edit: Omg I looked back at the cards and they are a 7. Just a curvy one is all

    I thought it looked like a question mark at first too lol. I'm not sure why the 7 is so curvey on the cards, but it adds flare :)

  3. Sent to everyone on the last two pages :) I have all of my flowers, but enjoy getting more :) I would love a few more snek friends for my collection, or your favorite too. I love cheesy jokes and references you have :) (My scroll is Kiran7, although it looks like Kiran? on the cards for some reason)

  4. Still sending flowers to everyone I get one from and random people.

    Here's what I still need :)

    Edit: Thanks for all the lovely flowers! I am still sending :)

    Edit 2: Thanks to all! Only 3 left and I am still sending :)

    Edit3: All done!



  5. I have really enjoyed the game so far. And I was having fun re-decorating my house until the game froze on me. I refreshed and came back to the ice fireplace blocking my door. Now, every time I enter, I get pushed back out of my house. I have tried refreshing, hard refreshing, clearing all data and cookies, both Mozilla and Chrome browsers, and using the out of bounds link. Nothing is working. I really want to finish decorating my house. Any help or suggestions please?