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  1. UnNatural

    Maximum Ride

    I like the books, but I miss Fang, I LUV Fang!!!
  2. UnNatural

    Katy Perry

    I like her songs California Girls, and Hot n Cold I also like Teenage Dream
  3. I have very odd dreams. My weirdest was when the cat in the hat cut my head off then I woke up.
  4. I enjoyed the book but the movie killed it
  5. I luv this game! it's one of my favorites
  6. Yah, I wish I thought about that before I done it. Well, at least I wasen't the only one doing the dance.
  7. It was kinda like a school wide fun day and they MADE kids go on stage and dance
  8. UnNatural


    I am a gleek for Glee! It is one of the best shows! EVER
  9. The weirdest thing I evr done at school, well I got called on stage during an assembally. The whole school was there and the teachers made us do th chicken dance. I can ever ive that down.
  10. I once hid a cupcake in my garage for about a year, I forgot about it, sowhen I found it, it has greenish blue mold on it. I didn't want to eat it after that.
  11. I read all of the books!!!
  12. I always judje a book by it's cover so nuff said
  13. Pokemon emerld, don't know why but I hate it!
  14. UnNatural

    Your Theme Song

    This is my theme song,
  15. I gave away a CB black eggy for a balloon eggy!!!!!!
  16. I haven't had my first kiss yet, but I'm turning 13 on tuesday and when vacation is over I hope to kiss my boyfriend when I see him. Wish me luck.
  17. yes I agree with that too, tehy turned it into a love story when it never was
  18. Twilight! is the worst movie EVER! I loved the book but the movie was nothing like it. Plus the characters are all wong!
  19. UnNatural


    My favorite characters are Alice and Jasper! I'm not on team jacob or edward because I hate the both
  20. Username: UnNatural Side I chose: Red My special feature: I died my hair dark red, very UnNatural indeed