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In need of 1 CB silver female... accept IOU's

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    CB gold (don't have any)
    CB silver female
    CB copper (any color)
    low gen shimmers
    2nd gen gold from yellow-crowned mother
    2nd gen sunsong from gold father

    any checkers with royal blues, black marrows or bleeding moons are a good bet if I have dragons to continue the lineage
    also names from Greek/Roman mythology or fantasy things like lotr, Firefly, star wars, harry potter, Game of Thrones

    my IOUs
    Geminia905:shimmer from Zachri Vincient
    zaylcc: ice dragon
    Shadow_Tmw2: thunder dragon

    IOUs for me
    synditrix owes: 2nd gen ice from tsunami x2
    Stargazer: 2 seragammas from male despis
    Tecca: 2 CB coppers