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  1. This is my favourite event! I really like the diversity of the eggs, maybe because I'm from Hungary, and egg decorating is a very important and old tradition here too. Thank you TJ and spriters for this year's event and gorgeous eggs! Altough, like many mentioned before me, this year it was hard to collect them all. I was OK with the fact I can't get them all, but on the 2nd day I had extra time to collect, so finally I was able to get 62. I really liked in DC events that they're easy to complete and I don't have to spend the holidays with my computer instead of my family, if I want to finish. Maybe 40-45 eggs are enough for a year.
  2. Wow, I didn't try another browser till now, and this worked! Thanks! Now I can finish the story ( :
  3. Is there anyone who still have problem with the last quest? For me, it's like Splash BSA. Tried everything, refreshed several time, "but nothing happened".
  4. I froze an s1 hatchie two days ago, but it's gendered now. I thought that I remembered wrong, but today my friend told me a same story. Anyone noticed the same? This was like old time s1 freezing on dc... I hope it's just a bug. (And sorry for my bad english.)
  5. Love the description of the new eggs (: Happy Halloween for all!
  6. Happy Birthday DC, and thanks, Mysfytt, avatars are amazing!
  7. S2 hatchies are awesome. I really love the colour of them.
  8. 7 eggs from 7 clicks. Easiest catch ever. Thanks TJ and everyone! Hatchies are cute (:
  9. Halloween events are my favourites on DC. Thx!! Love the black cat and the full moon with the bat in Trick or treating.
  10. Awesomwe new eggs. Love them all <3 Thx!!
  11. Just noticed the new dragons. Happy B-day DC!
  12. Collected all 42. Love the puzzle, the fish bowl with the cat and the animated lightening. Thanks TJ and spriters! Happy Easter for all!
  13. Less than 1 hour till my eggs hatch. I can't wait to see the adult form Hatchies are soo cute!
  14. Happy V-day everybody I got my two eggs and some cards *happy* Anyone needs help with valentine egg catching, feel free to PM me.
  15. Awesome Thanks! Happy Chinese New Year!
  16. The adults look totally awesome! I can't wait until mine's grow up... Thank you
  17. Hi, could somebody tell me, what's the last day of the wreath decoration? Thx. Anyway, I love the new christmas dragons.
  18. I love the new eggs Thanks! Merry Christmas to everyone and good luck to all, who's still hunting. -content removed-
  19. I love this year's Christmas event: the tales, the dragons, everything. And after 10 hours of hunting, I finally could catch a Holly *glad* Thanks TJ and everyone who took part in it.
  20. Ended with 7 new eggs, 3 zombies, a couple of pygmies and marrows and a finished haunted house-event. Thanks TJ and all of you for the Halloween things
  21. 40/40 items. Thank you for this awesome event and the kind persons who gave some help here.
  22. Just saw a CB silver in desert, but I'm locked with halloween eggs... Still waiting for the event, btw.
  23. Can't wait Yesterday I got a marrow from AP with tj9As code
  24. They're so cute! Thakns for the release, TJ!