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  1. And unfortunately I believe the media has the biggest part in the fear of pit bulls. all you hear about them is, one attacked someone, thats just 1 its not the whole breed. I challenge anyone to just find someone with a pit bull and spend just 5 min with it then try to tell people they're these horrible mean dogs


    And besides... if you wanna see a horrible mean animal... just try to pet my gecko I used to have xd.png

  2. Well... I actually went to a pet store today and did a survey on some people. (Not exactly with good feedback on my part... but anyway...)


    I asked...

    1. What breed of dog do you think of as mean?

    2. Why do you think this way?

    3. Have you seen a dog attack someone? Not being a little bite, but an actual attack.

    4. If you have or want to have a dog what breed is it or you want it to be?

    5. Why did or would you choose this dog?


    The highest results for each...

    1. pit bull

    2. vicious and attack children

    3. no

    4. lab

    5. Loyal and friendly


    Somewhat expected results, but I figured I'd share this with all of you.

  3. Well once my current set of eggs/hatchlings are dealt with I may start an ember line.


    Still undecided though. Having trouble choosing between hellfire and ember, I adore them both. happy.gif

  4. This is horrible and wrong, I will gladly join in the cause once I get some breeding pairs.


    To know my lab could be subject to a ban makes me mad. She is the sweetest dog there is, although a little dumb. But she would never hurt anyone.


    Any breed of dog can be mean and dangerous, it all depends how they were raised. I've had friends with pit bulls, they were really sweet dogs that I couldnt find a single reason to be afraid of.