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  1. Woohoo! Thanks TJ! I've been looking forward to this.
  2. How cute! All I need to have them all is the dark and mysterious one. Great job artists!
  3. Woot! I got 3 of 5. Happy Birthday DC! Thanks for these new eggs TJ. I spaz clicked a white egg while trying to get a fourth tiny egg though. Oops.
  4. Oh yay! What a nice way to look for dragons again. I love seeing new eggs. Thanks TJ! Here's to hoping I can catch one.
  5. Woot for my Flareon! I'll be breeding him soon, but first I want to level him.
  6. Oh, I'm not sitting here like, "ZOMG, when are they gonna put it up?!?!?! *chewing off fingernails*". Just checking every couple of hours. And I'm excited to get my Flareon so I can start breeding Eevees.
  7. Ack! I'm waiting for the Eeveelution to be up on the promotions page.
  8. Worgen. And they are a pretty fun race to play! Though I must admit that my favorite starting zone is the Goblin, and I've always been an Alliance player. And like was said before, WoW isn't addictive unless you let it be. I can (and have) walk away for months and not think about it. It's a fun game for me to play in the winter, but I don't *have* to play.
  9. Oh of course! I still like playing games on older systems. The statement wasn't intended to sound like I didn't appreciate the oldies. More that I believe in some games, creators are trying to see what the limits of current systems are, as they always have. Systems are just capable of more now.
  10. They definitely look a lot different. I never thought one sprite was more "adult" versus another... I just always thought that the creators were pushing the capabilities of the new systems. *shrug* I mean, the GameBoy was a fun system, but compared to the DS, it couldn't do a whole lot.
  11. So, I'm late into the game, but heya! I have played off and one since 1.1. I have an 85 rogue on Terenas and have yet to find a guild that doesn't want it's main focus to be hardcore raiding. Me? I don't have time for raids. Plus, at this point I find it pointless for anything but the achievements because of expansions coming out like they are. >.> Honestly, the first thing I though when I opened this thread was, "Oh no, did I miss Children's week AGAIN this year?!" I've been wating to complete my companion collection from that event and I missed it last year.
  12. @koowie: What exactly are you looking to find out? There's GTS (global trade system) to help you get Pokemon you couldn't otherwise get. There's the DW (dream world) which you can play in your browser to get berries and other extra items in-game. Of course, those are rather simplified explanations, but I'm not sure what you want to know, and I don't want to bore you with info you know.
  13. From TJ in the Festival of Eggs thread:
  14. Thanks for the update TJ!
  15. I think there were only 38 last year. Not sure though.
  16. Woot! 53/53! Thank you again to all the spriters and TJ for doing this. Good luck to those of you still hunting!
  17. If you figure it out, let me know, would ya? I had a Pokemon with PKRS, but it never spread. :/
  18. That's way too many bugs. Auxiliary, grats on the shiny!
  19. Not just any duck... A Psyduck. I must admit I'm curious about it too! 39/53 and about time to call it a day. 14 will be cake tomorrow!
  20. Ugh! I need to get reading glasses again. I had to squint and hold my laptop to my face to see that. It is cute!
  21. The goldfish egg? If that's the one, it's image name is "goldfishegg" something or other, so I don't think you're seeing things. 19 to go and just over 24 hours to do it for me. So much fun!