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  1. Goo Kaini! I'm going to use you as inspiration because I need a reason to keep depriving myself of sleep and drinking coffee like it's going out of style.
  2. Today... I realized I have to be at the in-laws for 4 days. *freaks out* Which means I have to write like crazy to make up for those days. An extra 8k minimum over the next 3 days. GAAAAH! On a happier note, I broke 30k today. *sighs*
  3. I think I'll easily be able to hit my goal of 30k by the end of the weekend, but not so sure about the high end of the goal, which is 35k. But I have no idea what to do next. >< *goes off and attempts to write the Main characters being goofy*
  4. Alrighty guys, it is officially the start of the weekend in this household. I have a minimum limit of 30k words once it's finished, but I would like to be farther. Let's go! *cheers for all*
  5. Okay. I'm only a few thousand words behind. I can do this, right? 14 days to write 30k? Piece of cake. *freaks out* Also, would someone care to tell me how this: (ZOMG!!) is possible without typing a word over and over and over again?
  6. I was coming in here to celebrate hitting 20k and I see people going, "I hit 30k+ today!" Daaaaw, I must catch up! Grats guys, keep going!
  7. Okay, I really like them both, but I was a HUGE fan of Gandalf before Dumbledore had even been heard of by anyone but Rowling and anyone she may have talked about her books to. White text just in case people haven't read the books or seen the movies: I mean, when Gandalf died, I had to put the book down for WEEKS before I could get back into it. When Dumbledore died, I was bummed, sure... But I wasn't devastated. So yeah, I really like them both, but my loyalties definitely lie with Gandalf.
  8. I should be sleeping too. I've been trying so hard to catch up. Almost 3k words today alone. At this rate, I'm due to finish December 5th. Not good enough!
  9. Pushed out 3-4k words today and I am going to bed. Tomorrow is going to be another tough day of writing. *wipes brow* Flip, sometimes I wish I understood why the story goes the way it does.
  10. Once I'm finished baking pies, I plan on getting up to 20k MINIMUM by the end of the weekend, and that seems daunting. I can't imagine having 50k+ already... O_o
  11. First of all, I would like to say that those typos of mine were awful. O_o Secondly, lit fic might just have to do. LOL... Now I keep letting myself get distracted. *sigh* I have at least 2k words I want finished by tonight.
  12. Okay, so I can't decide on a title, which is normal for me. But I can' ever figure out what genre that characters are turning my story into. ><
  13. Perfect. Thank you! Now off to writing for me.
  14. How did you get the widget in your signature? I'm confused on how to use them, since I know most places want the bbcode (or whatever it's called).
  15. I just broke the 10k word count mark and am slowing down. I'm distracting myself, which is bad... So back to it. Keep it up guys! The month is only 1/3 of the way through!
  16. I'm late to the party, but here I be! I didn't start until day 5 and I just hit 10k words, so I think I can I think I can. As for catching up, well, I can only write after my kids have gone to bed, so it has been determined that November will be a sleep-deprived month. I just tend to write until 1 or 2 in the morning and grumble when my kids wake me up 5 hours later. Good luck everyone!
  17. Oh goodness! The adult form is awesome! I love it!
  18. Oh goodness. This girl is terribly offended. TERRIBLY I tell you! *coughsarcasmendcough* I'm so excited to see these little guys all grown up. So close!
  19. YES!!! 6 eggs thanks to a little help and I successfully got a zombie this year! Thank you SO much everyone!
  20. Woohoo! Hope I can catch a few!
  21. I was thinking it would be more trick or treating. I keep refreshing to see. I'm still pretty darn excited!
  22. Ah! I knew I should have checked earlier this weekend. Yay for stalking the cave at the top of the hour though. Thanks TJ!
  23. OMG! They are gorgeous! Awesome job spriters! And thank you TJ for the new release!
  24. On the very rare occasion. I don't care if a dragon I bred gets inbred or dies. I just care about the dragons on my scroll.
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    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    Yay! Thanks so much for all the hard work! Looks great.