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  1. I'm loving all the shares of completed projects! I'm still working on re-doing my gingerbread house but here's my advent results!



    I was so glad to see this return! The year it came up, I had decorated it and had decor sitting everywhere and it was all locked in place. lol



    Didn't really change this much. Added a few things but I liked the original simplicity. XD



    Felt like working on a rainbow theme. Having difficulty getting it right and may just start over but.... meh



    I missed this the first time around so I had to gather all the resources over the last couple of days. I like it but may tweak it more, we'll see!


    Thank you @TJ09 for this event! Best year to come back to Dragon Cave! ❤️

  2. Want:

    1. Aegis
    2. Snow Dragon
    3. Garland

    I already bred my Christmas dragons because I wasn't thinking, but I do have some eggs I can offer. All parents are Christmas Dragons

    I have:

    1. Yulebuck
    2. Ribbon Dancer
    3. Wrapping Wing

  3. Nice! All I'm missing are the map and the moon now for the event. Reading through the thread for clues. xd.png And I've already picked up 3 or 4 treats this year. Fun stuff! Now to get some breeding done. Thanks TJ and staff!

  4. I stayed up until 3am to finish it and usually, I'm thinking, "So worth the lack of sleep!" This time? Not so much... I really hope that there's a new ending for DLC, too.

  5. Ugh, my house in Wildhelm still has all the blood and bones from the "Blood on the Ice" quest. I fully furnished it and waited a couple days with no luck. I can't stand to be in it, even though I would probably move all my stuff from my house in Markarth if it weren't for the creepiness. I play on the PS3 version, so I'm kinda hoping it's a bug that's patched soon.

  6. So, I know I'm behind again after working so hard to catch... But 40k! Finally! And I'm on a roll tonight, maybe I'll catch up. Maybe even pull ahead. I would like to finish on the 29th. ><

  7. uhhh just got a password reset request from battle.net that I never requested. What do I do?


    EDIT: Uhh I think my account got hacked. It got suspended for 3 hours for spamming advertising messages even though I was never logged in. Wtf.

    Never trust those e-mails... If you get one you *think* might be authentic, manually enter the URL and write a ticket to support. I would especially suggest this after the 3 hour ban. Hope you get things straightened out!

  8. How does one write a character that they absolutely can't stand? xd.png I had to form another plot point to keep my word count rising, and the character that formed with said plot point needs to die like, yesterday... But I need to keep him around and see what he does to increase word count. tongue.gif And to be honest, it is important that this new character is around, but still... I hate him. With a passion.