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  1. I'm loving all the shares of completed projects! I'm still working on re-doing my gingerbread house but here's my advent results! https://dragcave.net/tree/Honesta I was so glad to see this return! The year it came up, I had decorated it and had decor sitting everywhere and it was all locked in place. lol https://dragcave.net/wreath/Honesta Didn't really change this much. Added a few things but I liked the original simplicity. https://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/Honesta Felt like working on a rainbow theme. Having difficulty getting it righ
  2. Life had me in it's clutches for years and I missed so many events, so I am glad that we got to experience so much this year! Thank you TJ! This has been the best DC Christmas yet!
  3. Want: Aegis Snow Dragon Garland I already bred my Christmas dragons because I wasn't thinking, but I do have some eggs I can offer. All parents are Christmas Dragons I have: Yulebuck Ribbon Dancer Wrapping Wing
  4. Last egg: Lord of the Rings Preeeety much in love. Thanks, guys!
  5. Very pretty! No idea how people click em up so fast though. I click as soon as I refresh and still miss em. Ah well, next hour!
  6. Here's mine so far. I thought mine was getting pretty full... But ohmigosh some of you have very full vases! x3 http://dragcave.net/valentines13/Honesta
  7. Very pretty adult dragons! Now I need to remember to try and fill up my vase before the event ends. x3 Thanks for another fun event!
  8. I think I finished my house. Not sure if it's 100% there, but at least I won't mind being stuck looking at this for years. *glances at tree decorating* http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/Honesta
  9. Merry Christmas all! Having loads of fun decorating my gingerbread house and I have my two eggs already. ^-^ Yet another great event!
  10. Nice! All I'm missing are the map and the moon now for the event. Reading through the thread for clues. And I've already picked up 3 or 4 treats this year. Fun stuff! Now to get some breeding done. Thanks TJ and staff!
  11. Woo! 42/42 eggs! I thought I still had 6 to go until I counted. I was pleasantly surprised. LOVE most of these eggs! Can't keep my eyes off of Dis'. O_o So fun to watch!
  12. Better for me if it IS an April Fools joke. I don't need another addicting site! LOL, cool, either way.
  13. I stayed up until 3am to finish it and usually, I'm thinking, "So worth the lack of sleep!" This time? Not so much... I really hope that there's a new ending for DLC, too.
  14. *applauds* I've sent e-mails to my reps. I love that you guys are taking a stand.
  15. Ugh, my house in Wildhelm still has all the blood and bones from the "Blood on the Ice" quest. I fully furnished it and waited a couple days with no luck. I can't stand to be in it, even though I would probably move all my stuff from my house in Markarth if it weren't for the creepiness. I play on the PS3 version, so I'm kinda hoping it's a bug that's patched soon.
  16. Woohoo! I love the Holidays! :B
  17. Ooooooh my. I love some of these Holiday alts. So gorgeous! Great job spriters! And the stories are cute! Now to figure out how to decorate my wreath... Don't want a repeat of my tree.
  18. I signed up this morning and waiting on an e-mail. I'm looking forward to giving this a shot!
  19. 500 words left! I'm almost too excited to type! >.> And go to those who haven't yet won! You can do it!
  20. Grats to all the winners so far! I have just under 5.5k words to win. I am SO close I can taste it. >< I have a feeling I'm staying up all night to get there.
  21. So, I know I'm behind again after working so hard to catch... But 40k! Finally! And I'm on a roll tonight, maybe I'll catch up. Maybe even pull ahead. I would like to finish on the 29th. ><
  22. Kaini, I'm cheering you on! You are sooo close! And grats to the winners so far!
  23. Never trust those e-mails... If you get one you *think* might be authentic, manually enter the URL and write a ticket to support. I would especially suggest this after the 3 hour ban. Hope you get things straightened out!
  24. How does one write a character that they absolutely can't stand? I had to form another plot point to keep my word count rising, and the character that formed with said plot point needs to die like, yesterday... But I need to keep him around and see what he does to increase word count. And to be honest, it is important that this new character is around, but still... I hate him. With a passion.