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  1. Aw it's gone now. I thought we would at least keep the image of the farm like the Snow Wars Forts...
  2. Halloween bites! Out of my 2 attempts, 1 turned and the other was killed. Will have to wait until more of my eggs hatch before I can do 1 more.
  3. F's in the Chat again for anyone who needs a Staterae. There is a serious contender for Magma's spot of Priciest Dragon and that's terrifying.
  4. The Event is still here, but I'm definitely not getting energy anymore.... And I'm no where near done... Crack...
  5. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Now I have to wait for my other eggs to hatch so I can get new eggs. Also the event is still going! Yay!
  6. I can make one if you like. It may take a bit. If you want to edit it yourself, I use MS Paint to make and edit it. What were you going for?
  7. May I? I don't have a Spotted Teal yet...
  8. New Pygmies!!! Updated Pygmy list @Alectrona! Anyone have any lineages?
  9. Offered! Was too late to grab any release day babies myself.
  10. Yay! Two DR dragons! They are just as lovely as I remember them, now that I see the adults.
  11. I'm never getting these dergs, am I? At least not now. lol
  12. New eggs! New eggs! They look really familiar. I think they are DR dragons.
  13. MERCY WAS GRANTED US. ...Nvm. lol RIP. F in the Chat. *cackles* This is great. Gonna add this to the OP. Edit: - Long term market prices Just to compare some of the "dragons" of note I usually like to look at. Magmas have a serious competitor in the Staterae, and it's scaring me. Nexus and Silvers are the same price and I don't understand. (Technically Nexuses are higher at 1800 shards to 1600 shards for Silvers...Why???) Coppers are largely stable, which I appreciate. Aeons have slowly trended up, but due their utility, and affect on certain breeds, understandable. Chicken prices are trending down and that makes me happy. I want some kind of symbol for shards that I can use... I can't copy the one on the actual website. It'd be nice to use something like a Dollar Sign ,"$," for them.
  14. Any luck with the Magnesiums? I still have my male Grey Magnesium.
  15. Thank you! You've been working so hard on this spreadsheet! It's really great! Now if only we could pick the colors. And it's so staggering to see that even compared to Magmas and Aeons, Staterae have been continously increasing. For all other dragons, they have slowly dropped, risen and then stabilized, or remained relatively constant. Not the Staterae, they have been practically increasing linearly. What the heck?! Speaking of: RIP everyone who wants to by one of these guys... You know... I didn't actually thinks Stateraes would beat the Magamas as most expensive dragon ever, but...t's getting more and more likely... And it's not stopping.... When will it END? WHEN @TJ09??!!! *screams into the internet void* --- Edit: Someone earlier had mentioned it, but now I actually kinda wish there was a Dragon Cave Stock Market. I would have bought into the Straterae if I could. Not that I have money for that now...
  16. Sure! Just give me a bit. Life is extra busy now. Also, sorry about thr eyestrain, @0x08.
  17. @Magellan was trying to find this thread to post some results, so I'll post it for them! It looks like offspring are unaffected unfortunately, so you can only get colors by alternating breeding partners...
  18. So for dragons to make bald pyropellis, the mate must be fully aquatic and have water in the sprite. Got it. Also, lol. That happened my descriptions for the Sabertooth Bulldrakes, so it's not just you. Hopefully, it can be fixed now that we are aware.
  19. Thank you very much! It does clarify a lot. I'm still sad about Spitfire, but it's understandable now. Though... with Water Walkers, you can see them stepping on water. They are probably the only other dragon sprite that has water in it. Wouldn't they also make bald Pyropellis based on your description? Edit: And did anyone test the Female Astaarus again? Because earlier in the thread breeding didn't change the Pyropellis, like with female Hellfires, but they were fixed later on. Astaarus females definitely have blue fires so... Unless it's not fire? Also, I didn't say this yet, but thank you TJ and spriters for the lovely dragons! Now I have a reason to use the Kill button. I never needed to before. Edit2: So I have tried Earthquake to get the skittish Shumoga (and a few green cantos), and once again, I am unsuccessful. At least I got a green canto out of it, even if I lost the other one... And now to try if the Kill options... And now I'm very sad.
  20. Do you mean eggs or adults? Also, you'll be missed!
  21. Congrats @Nectaris!!! In other news, the Season of Mischief and Hoopa is upon us! New pokemon (that I haven't seen) are here! AND I GOT MY FIRST LEGENDARY!!!! I GOT A LUGIA~~!!!!! Edit: Okay. So. I have an old phone. Like a really old phone. My phone is the 2nd (plus) in the series, and the series is on the 6th version. So. It's an old phone that frequently crashes when I play Pokemon Go and overheats when it doesn't crash. Today, the screen froze while I was competing in a Great League battle, and usually that means the battle is lost to me. HOWEVER, the weirdest thing happened. The battle music and sounds continued. I usually start rapidly tapping my screen long before the battle starts to account for the initial load delay, so I could actually hear the attacks sounds, event though the screen was stuck on the Player vs Player screen. I could still attack. I could still defend. But I couldn't see anything. I had go completely by sound alone. Guessing (based on the sudden disappearance of attack sounds) when to start rapidly swiping my screen because I probably have a charge attack. OR tapping the middle of the screen to try to get the shield up. OR randomly sending out a pokemon after the first one fainted (which was Beedrill) and hoping the mon didn't get instant-KO'd. Somehow...I won! I got the little victory fanfare and everything. Couldn't see a darn thing, but I did it! Either I got really good guesses on Pokémon, my shields, and charge attacks, OR I was facing against a complete newbie who knew diddly-squat about the game, OR I was really, Really, REALLY lucky. I think it was the last one. lol
  22. Just to confirm, you can get a hatchling with the kill option, right? I don't want to have to Earthquake my eggs all the time.
  23. Darn. Oh well. Can't win 'em all. I must have missed all that brainstorming. I think I was sleeping at the time...
  24. Celeste Clairvoyance glows with an AWESOME POWAH!!! (Post-BSA Aeon as of Aug 29, 2021, 9:44 pm EDT) Her loud roar tells me the dragon's gender!