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  1. I've only got a single gold. Hopefully, I'll get more metals soon.
  2. Wow, people had fun with my blind test. Sorry if it was blinding or confusing. Like I said, I had never done a blind test before. I'll keep the criticisms in mind for when I do something similar. Also, if you want an answer to the blind test, it's in the post. Highlighting is fun. Also, I say go for the poll. It will best represent the prefered idea of DCers, at least ones on the forum. Also, I agree with Nectaris. If you make a poll, list a shorthand version of the idea next to the names of whoever came up with it. Like this: Stogucheme - Big [insert color] letters overlaying Eggs Olympe - Big [insert color] letters Floating above Eggs Thuban - Little letters at the corner beside Eggs sprite Skinst - Black Letters on white egg overlay Other Options (Post, please?) Does this help? Personally though, I prefer the giant letters over Thuban's design. As nointrusive as they are...I can't see them too well. It doesn't help that I'm near-sighted, meaning I have to lean toward the screen to see the letters...even with my glasses. The letters are too tiny, and easy to ignore. I'd probably end up missing the letters and concentrating on the eggs because I'd have to strain my eyes to read them. Also, the black & white test and the Sepia test versions are just evil! I couldn't even tell the egg was a Gold-Horned Tangar at all! (Also, no, I don't mind the modifications. They help people understand the reason why the color-blind option is needed!)
  3. Well, I'm in full support of this idea! Besides, it has usefulness for not color blind people too like when you're not sure/don't remember what an egg is in the AP and you don't want to spend time finding out what it is offsite to do it. Also, to help get the point across of why this is helpful (and primarly because I was bored and wanted to try it), I made a Color blind test Out of dragon eggs! DC Blind Test: What do YOU see? I dont' know about you...but all the green starts to blend after awhile... Note: This is the first time I made anything like a blind test, so please go easy on me. If you aren't colorblind, you should see TJ within all the green... Pi is also acceptable.
  4. I noticed the "Homestuck" references: "I desire you for my flushed quadrant." and "Will you be my platonic valentine?" Thank you whoever wrote it! In another note: Anyone want valentine eggs?
  5. It shall be sent!... Once 10 min have passed... One another note: Valentine dragons anyone? I has them.
  6. I will send you a card! And... Sent!
  7. Who wants cards?! Also, anyone need '09, '10, and/or '11 Dragons? I have them (not bred) and they will need homes. The '09 Valentine has Conditions, though. PM Me!
  8. Okay. Anyone need '09, '10, and/or '11 Dragons? I have them (not bred) and they will need homes. The '09 Valentine has Conditions, though. Also, drops are very hour, right? I'm going to get one! Please pm me. Oh and thank you for the valentine card whoever sent one to me. I wish 2 send and get more! hehe!
  9. ... Chocolate dragon... CHOCOLATE!!!! I want it now...
  10. I havent caught any dragons!!! D: ~Removed~
  11. Hurrah! New Eggs! Time for the HUNT! Hi guys!
  12. Actually, in light of my comment earlier, I wish it was the the Datamoster. Even, though it took a week or so, at least all our dragons and stuff came back. In this case, some of the info lost will NEVER come back.
  13. "The Datatmonster strikes AGAIN!!!! This time it ate everything!!!! Including your Easter eggs! Let the beast be struck down by the great hero once MORE!" ... lol ... It's a good thing I didn't have any eggs hatching. Is it safe to get eggs now?
  14. I've got all the eggs! Yea! Last one was the Cheshire egg (the one with the creepy smile).
  15. I can finally get on the site now! For some reason, I couldn't access it all day yesterday... But now I have my first Festival egg ever! YEA! I had missed last year's, so now I have at least one egg! Woot!
  16. Did anyone else get their first stripe dragon because of this drop? I did. Now I can actually breed some stripes for myself.
  17. SO FLUFFY!!!! I want the fluffy ones! WANT! Thanks to all the spriters! Are there any other eggs besides the 2 on the front page and the black stripes?
  18. Congrats to all the winners! I wanna see the winning trees as well! I wish I had placed though... Wah. Anyway, do the winnners include honorable mentions as well?
  19. Awesome! Thank you! *scuttles off to use badges* Yea!
  20. Hi! May I request some animated badges? I would like these 2 halloweens ones as one badge: and these 3 christmas ones as one badge please. Thank you!
  21. I wonder if anyone like my tree... After seeing some awesome designs, my tree looks horribly simple... Edit: "like my try..." What the hell, Shokomon. I must be tired.
  22. Lol That made me laugh. I don't think I've seen any gingerbread men in mortal peril yet, but i have seen a wedding, some hearts, ten or so "DC/I love DC" of varying degrees of skill, 3 or so dragons, a pokeball (it got a 7), Nutcrakerman vS Dragon Kong (it also got a 7), loads of traditional trees, loads of "upchuck" trees, spare trees, blank trees, and a single TJ tree (I think it got a 4.).
  23. There are two ways I know of: 1) Right click the picture. Select the "Properties" tab, and it will bring up information on the picture including a link you can use to put the picture in your sig. OR 2) Quote the orignal post and transplant the code for the picture you want from the original post to your sig. I only just discovered the second one.
  24. Dude, I'm totally snapping one of these up! Thanks RheaZen!
  25. Does anyone every wish there were ".5's" in the voting system? Sometimes I feel like I got a tree that inbetween numbers.