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  1. Luminae/Dark Luminae breeding is also time dependent, based on the Cirion (small blue moon) Lunar cycle: They depend on how close the time is to a Cirion Full or New Moon. The closer you are to a Cirion Full Moon, the more likely you will get a Lumina. The closer you are to a Cirion New Moon, the more likely you will get a Dark Lumina. I don't know how that will work this BSA though.
  2. And because I'm a forgetful bum, here is the current and previous lunar phases: -- Current Valkemare Lunar Phases From 8:00 PM EDT/DC, Monday, August 12, 2019 to 8:00 PM EDT/DC, Thursday, August 15, 2019: -- Previous Valkemare Lunar Phases From 8:00 PM EDT/DC, Sunday, August 11, 2019 to 8:00 PM EDT/DC, Monday, August 12, 2019:
  3. Does Dropbox allow hotlinking?
  4. Trading Hub update! I think this is really helpful! Thank to all of you who petitioned for the change in the Suggestions Subforum. On a different note, due to recent forum upgrades, if you have an image cycler or gif, make sure the image address is an "https://" address or the forum will break it in an attempt to make the image more secure: I don't think it's proxying, I think it's re-hosting. Thus, anything dynamic will stop being dynamic after being saved to the forums. This is an unfortunate but necessary thing to reduce cases of browsers warning about "partially insecure content." It's also not a bug but an intentional change in the forum software. The solution, though, is correct: use HTTPS whenever possible and I don't think it'll mess with those. The more you know~
  5. News update in OP. Now to find my new hosting site. Edit: Apparently, Postimage.org is a thing. Testing my gif!
  6. The Pipio Gene is too strong. (Lol) So, are we going with Suppress or Encourage for the BSA? Because I don't know if the OP decided to change the BSA based on Fiona's suggestion or not.
  7. This seems to be an extension of what happened with the Lunar Herald cyclers, in that unsecure cycling images (images without "https://" in their address) break when posted on the forum. The forum normally just uploads the image and posts that image address instead, but with cyclers, who images change with each refresh or at set times, it breaks the link and causes the former cycler to become a static image. [This is how I understand it. @pinkgothic can describe the issue better.] Because of this, Anything running on TJ Image Cycler is broken. At least, the one I had in my signature is broken [ie The digimon crest egg image would cycle between different event badges]. The gif i used for "Shokmon's Pile of Arts" has broken as well, It just shows one banner instead of the whole gif running. Anyone else have this problem? [This is mostly to alert people that this is a thing. And maybe to get a new image cycler?]
  8. Oh man...I missed so many. Here are today's and last couple of phases: --Friday: -- Thursday:
  9. Surprise pinks for everyone.
  10. Within the hour! Also new calendar:
  11. And I'm going to lose all my images on that site, for which there are a lot... How am I going to relocate them all? And where? Anyone else affected?
  12. And because I forgot again, here is yesterday's and today's phases: --------------------
  13. The Dragon Requests section is open to everyone on the forum. If your request gets approved, you can sketch and sprite it all on your own or ask for help. There is no specified team that does the sketches. In fact, some new spriters have become "in-cave" or official spriters, by submitting their work there and working through the process. Sometimes already in-cave spriters will come and work on requests they find interesting. That's one of the biggest draws for me here. People are allowed to submit their ideas and art with the chance of it becoming real. Of course, there are several rules (explicit and vague) like what Fuzzbucket posted that guide the requests, and it's not guaranteed you will get into the cave, but it's possible. Does that explain what you wanted to know? Oh, on a side note, there are people who are official spriters for Dragon Cave (the in-cave spriters.) No one is paid, but they are artists who in their free time made art for DC (whether it be dragons or event writing and artwork, etc.) They often submit art directly to TJ privately, and have their own private sub-forum for working on official art work. NOTE: Submitting to TJ a privately is NOT limited to in-cave artists. Non-cave artists can submit privately as well. It's just more likely for an in-cave artist to get in than an non-cave one. Non-cave artists have to get established (ie. sign all the legal paper work and stuff.)
  14. No excuse this time. I just plum forgot... Here is yesterday's and today's phases
  15. So what is the predetermined order? Like only certain times show up in certain rows?
  16. When does seeing zombies count as zombies? Do tombstones count? Or just when they are roaming ar night?