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  1. 1. Teleport 2. Incubate 3. Summon
  2. Ready

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    Lmao, I was just wondering why is the AP filled with black eggs.
  3. Haha, I wonder if the adults can actually move with all those ribbons and stuff.
  4. *eyes Valentine hatchies suspiciously*
  5. Highest: Views: 15,890 - female Water Walker, one of my very first dragons. UVs: 3,285 - Cheese dragon. Clicks: 105 - Paper dragon.
  6. So many Snow Angles in the AP.
  7. Lol, I'm probably the only person who doesn't want a Holly.
  8. What does s1 freezing mean? D:
  9. Those dragons are cool ^-^. Do they have any BSA? >_>
  10. Why are my zombies tombstones? v.v It's the 2nd..
  11. When will TJs hatchies mature? :3
  12. I can't believe some people are here 10 - 15 hours! o_o
  13. *shakes hatchies* GROW UP!
  14. Finally got 4 of them! Thank you soooo much for helping me. :'D There would be NO WAY for me getting them by myself. @ Rest: I recommend asking catchers, really. o_o I'm am now happily locked.
  15. Can I kill a frozen hatchie with giving it too many views? o_o
  16. My first event: 1 Halloween dragon (thanks to Gyldendrag), 1 Pumpkin and 94/94. \(o.o)/ Edit: and 1 zombie hatchie.
  17. I was like "OMG, only a 4 second lag! Maybe I have a chance now?" Oh, but of course no eggs.
  18. Sorry for a stupid question.. but should I kill & revive my hatchies now? o_o
  19. Aww v.v did I miss them already?
  20. So later I'll only get pygmies?
  21. Pumpkins wont breed later, right? :I
  22. Finished with this little fella. ^.^ My basket: