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  1. I didn't even notice I finished the event. I kept on searching...
  2. Oh man I just noticed this. ; I hope I still have a chance for getting all of them.
  3. I've been mentally preparing myself for April Fools all week. I BELIEVE NOTHING.
  4. Judging by the hatchies, the adult will be awesome. And the trophy is so pretty!
  5. After lots of clicking and avoiding traps I finally got a gold! Now back to maths. ^ ^"
  6. http://dragcave.net/lineage/1pgmY Silly Purple thinks it's a Pygmy.
  7. Guess I'm stuck with the me gusta wreath. I like the new dragon's name, but I'm sticking with Butterbutt, lol. c:
  8. The codes are Holly and Mistletoe? Hmm. c:
  9. I think that keeping 1 egg is fair, just like regular breeding. We only get one egg from our other rare dragons, right? Extra eggs from the multiclutch are there to give other players a chance, and I think the AP is the best place for that.
  10. Ribbon Dancer x Autumn -> 3 eggs Ribbon Dancer x Mint -> 4 eggs *pats dragons* c:
  11. Yay! Thank you Vicats for the Snow Angel. It'll take good care of it. c: Now I only have to wait for the new dragons~
  12. *stares at Holly* I can't believe it's on my scroll! Big thanks to the person who bred their Holly, you made my DC Christmas. ❤
  13. My response to all the other wreaths in this thread:
  14. Mine got sick at 5d10h with only 300 clicks. :c Better be careful with these dragons.
  15. @_@ *stares at hatchies*. They look like rats at first.
  16. Yay! Got my badge. Now for the chicken hunt. ^ ^ Edit: Found. If anyone needs help finding a place or item, feel free to PM me. c:
  17. I actually like making such lineages, you can feel like a CB Tinsel owner for a sec. =w= This is my favorite 'fake' line: (Bronze x Flamingo) http://dragcave.net/lineage/5m668
  18. Wait, those unidentified blue little blobs turned into this? *is impressed*
  19. I don't remember any problems with my Guardian. I'm pretty sure it never got sick. Egg Stolen on: Apr 15, 2011 Hatched on: Apr 17, 2011 Grew up on: Apr 20, 2011 Overall Views: 8157 Unique Views: 1260 Clicks: 28 I know 8,000 views may seem strange, but my dragons' views usually vary between 1,000 - 15,000 so there's nothing unusual about this Guardian.
  20. Ready

    2011-04-27 - Downtime

    Thankfully I didn't lose anything. Sorry to those who did.
  21. I made two badges for the event. Anybody wants to use them? [IMG=http://www.iaza.com/work/110426C/iaza17988657420300.gif] [IMG=http://i53.tinypic.com/2uo311y.gif]
  22. Ready

    Lady Gaga

    I used to like the the old Gaga: Poker Face, Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) etc., but now...