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  1. http://dragcave.net/lineage/bonur http://dragcave.net/lineage/Waf3L
  2. I wouldn't mind a Gyarados badge. It would be a good reason to start collecting Shallow Waters again! Hey hey Shallow Water sounds like Shadow Walker
  3. I voted for White, but I think they'd also look good with Daydreams - with the soft colors and all. Maybe Flamingos too.
  4. That's a little shocking as nothing hinted that these dragons would be unbreedable.
  5. I'm looking for 2nd gen Royal Blues and Horses from Sweetlings and Valentine 2009 dragons. If anyone is willing to breed such lineages I'll gladly trade. ^ ^
  6. Royal Blues, hands down. ^ ^ Their sprites are amazing and they look great in lineages!
  7. *skips around* Can't wait for TJ's dragons to grow up! c: Haha, looks like I wasn't the only code hunting. *points at scroll*
  8. My house will have to settle for abstract art. >:I I'd rather go code hunting for the new Holiday dragons, haha.
  9. For this Christmas I'd like a Snow Angel from a CB gold wing mother and CB Royal Blue father. :3 Edit: oops I got the genders of the dragons confused. Talk about impossible wishes, haha. I received it from Ariss, thank you!
  10. I have an adult from last year. I was looking forward to some Holly hunting this year but I think I've gotten too lazy for that. Ah well, more Hollies for everyone else. ^ ^
  11. Is it just me, or is it impossible to make red star items without the recipe?
  12. I really like their unique colors, both will definitely look great in lineages. c; I wonder what "the thing to show where a dragon was grabbed from" will be. Maybe their description?
  13. Both are extremely unhealthy but I heard Coke is the lesser evil.
  14. Bless you for posting that! I caught 2 eggs on the "sudden flood" after reading your post. None on the hourly drop, but it doesn't matter now as I have at least a few.
  15. *facepalm* I noticed the AP full of low time eggs but never connected the dots.
  16. Caught this pretty Thuwed a few days ago. And I traded for the perfect mate~
  17. I like them with Royal Blues, even though 3 pairs of my dragons strongly disapproved. Royal Blue x Cavern Lurker
  18. At first I was a little thrown off, because they didn't look anything like I expected them to look. Now that I've taken a good look at them I realize that these dragons are actually great.
  19. I'm done being gentle with my eggies. Hatchery time! I hope people will be genderswapping some hatchies soon because I've managed to run out of influences.
  20. Oh, thanks for letting me know. It's not that bad then, especially since there are enough eggs for everyone. PS.: I'm sure it's not a spider dragon. I say it's a salamader or bat. Edit: Just caught the new Halloween with the word "pain" in it.
  21. You're right, the graveyard is full of new eggs... the owners wont be able to get the slots back before the drop ends.
  22. You know it's an easy drop if you're actually picky about the code, hahaha .
  23. Users viewing this page: 1. Haha finally my silly timezone is useful.
  24. I started trading a little late but I still managed to lock myself. Success! Thankfully they'll all hatch before I start hunting for the 2012 Halloween Dragons. I named all my new Halloween hatchies after their parents~ and I love when people do that too! It's so cute. Now I'll be waiting for the drop~
  25. I'm glad the date has been moved. I just wish the reason wasn't so sad. My eggs will have time to hatch and even though I have plans for Saturday, I'm sure they won't take 8 hours like school does.