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  1. I was an only child, so I mostly daydreamed and came up with imaginary friends to play with. A lot of these came from the different cartoons I was watching (e.g. I once pretended that I was a hamster in Hamtaro).
  2. 1. I've lost over 150 pounds (though I've since gained a lot back because of stress eating haha) 2. I'm currently a sophomore in college, pursuing a degree in Psychology! 3. I haven't watched more than one season of Game of Thrones because I'd like to read the books first -- somehow I've managed to stay away from lots of spoilers! 4. I would like to learn 10 languages in my lifetime; I'm learning Spanish and Portuguese right now. 5. My best friend lives in Ukraine -- which is over 6k miles away from where I am! 6. Chocolate is my least preferred sweet. I'd much rather have something with a caramel or buttery base! My absolute favorite thing is cheesecake. 7. I'm really into notebooks! I have at least 20 of them with only a couple that's been written in! 8. I'm on a never-ending search to find the perfect book (if anyone has suggestions, let me know)! 9. My biggest passion in life is to travel around the world! 10. One of the things holding me back from being an incredibly positive person is my ability to hold grudges against people
  3. Espeon is my favorite pokemon! I haven't changed my avatar since I joined hehe.
  4. It was rainy and very, very refreshing last time I checked!
  5. I found a beautiful Silver x Royal Blue lineage: https://dragcave.net/lineage/dPEQf Thank you Terces!
  6. A good amount of purples! Rasho and Corra the Purple I are mine: http://dragcave.net/lineage/JMp6C
  7. Leftovers: a grilled chicken breast, some squash, and a little bit of coleslaw. Much better than my usual peanut butter sandwich.
  8. I forgot all about this last night! I already have to catch up haha. I really like the event though!
  9. Animal Crossing: New Leaf, some earphones, ultra-cute sweaters, scarves, pajamas, and a hat that's shaped like a bear (my favorite thing for some reason).
  10. Actually, it was super easy for me to catch them last year on the first day haha, but I think that's all thanks to my internet connection! It's fine if I can't catch one until the second/third day, but I like getting new releases on the day they release.
  11. Me, I do! So thank you haha. And Merry Christmas/Merry Christmas Eve to everyone who is celebrating today! I'm kind of scared that I won't be getting the new dragon this year! My grandparents' internet is kind of fussy.
  12. I grabbed another non-Christmas dragon out of pure instinct and found this little gem.
  13. I think I'm done, but it looks kind of empty to me.
  14. It's not a Christmas dragon but it sure has a pretty lineage. I couldn't resist!
  15. So random question, but say after you had released all of your other holiday eggs besides the one you're allowed to keep, would you be able to keep another if you find it in the AP?
  16. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: emmerz24
  17. I was able to snatch two yesterday from the AP. It made my Christmas.
  18. Gotcha! Scroll name: emmerz24 Threw a snow-ball at: Troubletail
  19. It's okay I suppose, kind of warm (Texas, and all), but it's apparently supposed to get a bit cooler.
  20. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: emmerz24 I'm waiting for snow, but I'll be back!
  21. My holiday has been made; two Hollies on my first day of hunting! This is a great year.
  22. I want to participate! Forum name: Emmerz24 Scroll name: emmerz24 Wishlist: 1. Low-gen Silver 2. Ice (any linage, preferably clean) 3. CB Seasonal 4. Male Hellfire with linage like this 5. Nebula (Red, green, blue) 6. Surprise me!
  23. I only really know that my grandma's family on my mom's side is from Norway. I'm part viking!