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    Hey there, you can call me Emily. I'm basically a free-loader with a dream. I have no talents except writing poetry, collecting dragons, and annoying the people that I love.

    Here is my Wishlist!

    Always accepting:

    -Spitfires (any lineage)

    -Pinks (any lineage, preferably a clean one)

    -Reds (any lineage)

    -Albinos (preferably CB)

    -Whites (CB only)

    Needed for lineages:

    1 Albino (CB, male)

    -Hellfire (message for specifics)

    -Silver (message for specifics)

    -I would love you forever for these:

    -Ice (any lineage)


    -Silvers (CB preferably or nice lineages)

    What I wish for:

    -Gold (any linage)

    -Stripe (CB)

    -Bronze shimmer-scale (nice lineage)

    Tinsel (all; low gen or clean lineage)