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  1. Whoops. Didn't check the forum first, so now I'm locked up with eggs from the Alpine release. Ah, well, tomorrow is another day. Thanks for the new dragons! Can't wait to watch them grow up.
  2. I got one for you, my other possible pair gave me a Speckle-Throat instead. I'll send along a PM.
  3. Oooh. I love the red snapdragons. I used to work at a nursery and those were my favorites of what we had there. Can't wait to see how things look when I get some flowers. That vase is gorgeous and I wish I had it in my house. I'm not usually a fan of pink, but the shade used for the eggs is lovely. Adding my thanks to the chorus of gratitude to TJ and the spriters. Happy Valentine's Day!
  4. Dear Valentine, I hope you get a chill out of this! Enjoy! No return gift required, I have to save my egg spaces for the release. That was quick! Hope you like it! Thank you for the lovely hatchling in return!
  5. Hey, Valentine! You should be wearing stripes, because you stole my heart. <3 Hope whoever grabbed it likes it! And, thanks, quitter for the return gift from earlier. I love it!
  6. I've taken a bit of a shine to you, Valentine. Enjoy, quitter!
  7. Due to the moved drop and the fact that I currently have power, I shouldn't need to be on the list anymore. I would say that it may be a good idea to keep this thread up for now, just to see if there are users still affected in spite of the moved drop. I know that a lot of people are expected to be without power for quite some time yet.
  8. I might be affected by Hurricane Sandy! Forum Name: Briar_Reed Scroll link: http://dragcave.net/user/Briar_Reed PM link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=67087 Please also put my eggs/hatchies in AoND if they have less than 3.5 days left! (Delete or strike through if not applicable!) Thank you so much for this! It's kind of silly to be concerned about being able to catch Halloween dragons in the midst of worrying about everything else, but I'll admit that it was on my list of concerns. At this point, weather reports are showing the storm sliding right over the Finger Lakes area of NY, where I live, and the wind is picking up quickly so we'll see how things go. If I do have power, I'm more than happy to help users that don't, and though my son doesn't actually play anymore, he said that he would be willing to catch some dragons to gift as well. Don't know if I should fill out the official form, since my participation is iffy at the moment. Again, thank you.
  9. Since April 6th, I've caught my first self-caught CB Stripe, 2 CB Golds (the 2nd just now), and a CB Silver. I never thought I would ever have a single CB Metal, and to have three in less than two full days? I'm pretty sure I must be dreaming.
  10. I just snagged this lovely white tinsel fail on the AP, and it turns out that it isn't related to my only even tinsel. Looks like they'll make beautiful babies! I'm trying to decide on something to do a checker with male Royal Blues. So far, I'm debating between these: Option 1 Option 2 Both have the potential to drive me crazy, but I'm thinking the Nebula will be the tougher option. Thoughts?
  11. Oh, this is lovely! I did this with Ribbon Dancers myself, but now I think I'll need to do another with the Winter Magis. Perhaps if we find one more person that wants to give it a go we could take it out another gen. Or, I'll just mix mine with the 3rd from my Ribbons. As an aside, I traded for this pretty earlier. I can't wait to start building his mate.
  12. Thank you! I'm locked up until someone picks up an egg, and about to leave the place where I'm currently borrowing internet. Would you possibly be free to try at some point over the weekend? If so, I can drop you a PM at some point then.
  13. I don't have internet access at home at the moment, so I haven't been around very much. When I do have some time, I'm still slowly working away at projects though, and I've finished a couple. First is this Geode, which took quite a while thanks to several of the CB stone pairs throwing Geodes back at the beginning, and later pairs refusing to give the breed I was looking for. A few of those 2nd gen Geodes worked out to let me finally finish this Moonstone's lineage today. I got a lot of "no interest" from that final pair. Now I just need to decide if I'm going to influence that egg, and what I'll do with it from there. I picked up this pretty Black on the AP, and I'm working on a mate for it. So far, I've got a 2nd gen regular female, just need to get my hands on another Shadow x Black egg and hope it doesn't alt on me. I'll probably hit the thread in trades this weekend to ask around for one of those. I just bred this Ridgewing, but haven't decided yet how I want to do this. It doesn't matter much immediately, as I'll have to beg eggs to continue (I only have one CB Tan male), but I don't know if I want to alternate colors or try to go all Tan. Pretty sure it'll make me insane either way. Finally, this little Thunder x Marrow has gone as far as I can take it at the moment, since I've only got 2 CB female Marrows. I do rather like it though, and may seek to continue eventually. It's so nice to look at all the pretty projects whenever I have some time. Congrats, everyone!
  14. I generally stick with the idea of 48 hours also, though I won't hesitate to hold something if someone is reasonable about it. I think it also depends on whether it's a surprise gift, or a planned breeding. I've personally considered posting my schedule to my profile, and this thread is making it seem like a good idea. I work somewhat opposite of the average population, with my "week" running from Friday to Monday. I also work in a kitchen rather than an office, and there's no computer access while you're cooking. I close the kitchen on Friday night, and then have to turn around and open it Saturday morning, and I don't always get to the computer in between those shifts, since I have to attend to all my personal and family circumstances and get some sleep in there as well. I was recently really worried that I was going to miss an amazing gift, because it came up during that window of time, which made me begin to consider posting my unavailability during that time. Especially since it turned out I had a flat tire that morning, and the time I'd spent starting up my computer and picking up my gift, then shutting it all down could have been better spent changing my tire and making me less late for work that day. Though, I'd still rather have that gift than the money I lost that day, I think. Sorry for the TL;DR example of how timing of RL events can really mess up potential gifting in a relatively small window of time. Just wanted to give perspective on how, sometimes, no matter how much you'd like to you can't always get to gifts, especially those spontaneous ones that you aren't expecting. A planned, or requested, breeding is another matter entirely, and I think when asking someone for an egg you should be ready to accept it when you ask, or at least work with the breeder before the breeding to find a time period that will work best for the both of you. I.. type entirely too much.
  15. I know this is what's been said, but when the cave first came back up, I had two eggs that were at 4 days and 21 hours and two eggs that were at 5 days and 1 hour. Within twenty minutes they had all gained 12 hours for no apparent reason. The ER egg I had also jumped, but because that one was under 2 days it makes sense for that to gain time. I really wish the other four hadn't gained the time, since they certainly didn't need it.
  16. Most of my hatchies that were supposed to grow up yesterday are grown now, but all of the eggs I picked up on Sunday gained time and are at 4d, 21h or 5d, 1h. Save for the one ER egg that I hatched yesterday, which is now an egg again and lost time, now at 1d, 22h. Very confusing. I'm rather sad to lose all of Tuesday's chance at the Easter eggs, since I work weekends and didn't think I'd have a chance to hunt eggs at all before the original extension. Ah, well. Can't please all of the people all of the time, and I am glad to have the site back up even though I have to do some strange egg and hatchie juggling now. EDIT: And right after posting this, all my eggs seem to have gained 12 hours.
  17. As much as I'd love to fill out that form, since I didn't get an email I won't. But, wow, I did nearly have a heart attack a moment on seeing that it said honorable mention for me. Glad I kept reading to find out it's a glitch, even though I wish it wasn't.
  18. Hope I've done this right! Rare: 2nd Gen Gold with Gold Father, Black Mother CB Ice Silver Uncommon: 2nd Gen Stripe Paper Red Common: Pink Terrae Sunset No inbreeding, please.
  19. I'm hatchie locked so I can't pick one up!!
  20. Harry Potter has probably been the fandom that I've stuck with the longest. Anime and manga fandom in general might just barely beat it out, but that's been so many different series that I don't think it would be fair to count it all together. I started in when a friend linked me to some H/D, when I hadn't believed her about it being out there. Some one of those links lead me to Resonant's story 'Transfigurations', which I actually printed out after my first read, and read it several more times offline. Now it's on my Nook, even though since then I've become a *huge* Severus/Harry fan. About the only thing I won't read, though, is Severus/Hermione. Don't know why, but that's a pairing I just can't handle.
  21. What brought me here was mostly curiosity, after seeing click requests on various forums (especially NaNo this year). I also wanted to check it out before my son joined, as he's been interested in such things for a while. I'm quite new (having joined on 10/21/10), but the thing that keeps me here already is the discovery of lineage projects. I have a good half-dozen personal projects planned out as it is, and now I've got the urge to start a TV Tropes lineage.