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    Finger Lakes, NY
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    Recently returned after a very long hiatus where I only checked in occasionally to grab new dragons. Looking to restart and get back into the swing of things.

    IOU to me from jellyscent:
    6 common CB hatchlings (complete as of 3/4)

    IOU to Immorta:
    2nd Gen from Ice x Rosebud - filled 4/5/2012
    2nd Gen from Thunder x Rosebud - filled 4/12/2012

    Wish List:

    - Any Gen from male Magi x female Tangar checker
    - 2nd Gen Thunders from female Marrow
    - 2nd Gen Stripes: PB, Blue or Black; any from Holiday mates
    - 2nd Gen Black from: male Shadow Walker; female GW; Yulebuck
    - 2nd Gen Ice from: female Winter, female Hellfire
    - PB Geodes from CB Stones, not related to http://dragcave.net/lineage/Wba4P
    - 2nd Gen Sunsong from Alt Sweetling
    - 4th (or less) EG from Spriter's Alts (not Chocolate Cordial Valentine, Gentle Rose, or ChimeDancer JoyHerald)
    - Pretty EG Thuweds
    - 2nd Gen Gold Female from Gold Father and Black Mother
    - 2nd Gen Silver Male from Silver Father and Grey/Fog/Storm Mother