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  1. CONGRATS WINNERS!! im so happy for you i think i might cry monthly raffles are the best thing EVER omg I didnt win but Im so excited for this whole game again ?? I havent wanted to play it in so long...
  2. hell yes I am in love with the bolts Thank you artists :3
  3. YES !! Stuffed with RAs, cannot WAIT for the event/release <3 <3 yaay
  4. This event. Like. Wow...guyssss I LOVED IT. and ty Odeen for all the lil kitty pixels, yes <3 Got my shiny present badge!! happy new year to all ~
  5. Can't go wrong with blue & gold schemes. Looking forward to the adults. :3 Easterns??????? Pls yes
  6. I love Valentine's Day!! My fav breed is Vday too. :3 The love cave last year was SO fun. edit; just want to elaborate~ I like the events where we can send players flowers/gifts etc. With Vday we had cards, then the flower vase, and flowers in pots; sending & collecting them is pretty fun. I'm not really avid on getting all the pixels - I just tend to hoard a favorite one. :3 Plus yeh not much else going on with me in February. lol
  7. And I locked myself with a second magma Nice! Coppers are pretty. *shakes fist at new eggs* I'll be back...... >_>
  8. I only want one egg, cave. Why can't I just have one? *flails* I did however snag a CB Magma, which is cool...
  9. The ONE release I miss is the BEST ONE IVE SEEN IN MONTHS OMG Those ADULTS *cries* Hopefully I'll snag a couple!!
  10. I was too shy to join in the group (esp because I'm spreadsheet-challenged lol), though I was pushing individually pretty hard. Definitely next time I'll break through the shell and help though~ So much fun not to. I'm with you though, I've been broke even though Festivals are my money-making week. Need to exalt for those awesome fire skins myself...Water's got some good prizes though, it wouldn't be too bad either way you decide! c: (So happy we are second atm! Though with Plague right there, I'm a bit worried. They are pretty crazy pushers.)
  11. Oh my gosh I KNOW <3 I love it there and I don't think I'll be leaving it. :3 Thanks for the request, you are awesome. I totally fell more in love with Light after that epic battle with Nature. We're such a well-rounded flight filled with so much positive energy~ Though I also might be a dom-addict.
  12. Anybody here from Light Flight? :3 Love to make more friends... Or share what your flight is like; I always thought if I wasn't Fire or Light, I'd be in Wind~!
  13. Snagged a pretty Thuwed Nhiostrife from the AP! <3 http://dragcave.net/lineage/a3o09
  14. Love the trophy idea, totally cool~ I support anything that brings back multi-clutches. I miss them.
  15. How exactly are these things different? A CB Prize Dragon earned by luck is no different then A Dragon bought with real money - Because both CBs of these dragons are exclusive to certain users by luck or money. Can someone point out the difference to me??
  16. Wouldn't a person who buys a Special Dragon be on the same level as a person who won a Prize Dragon? The only difference is luck vs money. There are already have and have nots, between CB Prizes and CB holidays, so what if there was a Buy-Only Special Dragon, it would just be the same drama we've seen for years. I don't get that people make such a fuss over what other people have in this game - that they don't - and that ruins their game for them? Pretty sure these Spechul Dragons would be able to breed, anyways, allowing people to own the sprite in one form or another. Sure the raffle is fair since we can all technically participate - but there are always only a handful of the lucky, and the raffle is only once a year. I think if people had the chance to own something so damn special, and could afford it, they'd like to have a special dragon of their own too. Just because some people are privileged with money, doesn't mean that everyone else has a right to hate them for it. Idk, to me, that's unfair. Cosmetic changes sound great. Decorative scrolls - omg yes pls. Personally though I'd be happy for a paid Scroll Name change. Though yah, on the other hand, people can fight that scroll name changes should be free. I'm for paid perks if TJ would like to implement them, but I'm not dying for them. I'm just trying to say that it wouldn't affect nor bother me if they were there. edit cuz i like to use quotes for no reason lol
  17. I'm okay with the idea of paid perks. No matter what they are, really. I trust TJ will make good decisions not to 'ruin' this game with paid perks like a lot of people seem to think he might do, if it was implemented. 'Ruin' in quotes because, I don't see games being ruined by paid perks, because I can choose to live without the things they provide. It doesn't bother me whatsoever about who has what anymore, or economies or anything of the like. I enjoy games to the fullest extent of what I can do and if I feel it's worth extending that, then yeah, why not pay?
  18. Opening up CBs of past holidays gives newbies a chance at grabbing lineage-builders instead of having to rely on luck or nice people, to catch or breed the lineages they want to make. I think this is a good thing because it would give newer users a reason to come back and play. Also older players because they can complete the CB set of adults they want, if they missed a holiday or if they froze one - back when limits were in place. Back on topic though, since that was completely a different suggestion (lol) I personally wish it could be bumped up to 4 at least. Otherwise, hell, I'd pick NO LIMITS! There's so many holidays in the cave in their season! We see no problems on Halloween, when there is no limits - wouldn't it work just like that? "Because Valday & Xmas are for giving and not being greedy" I don't believe this is a valid excuse to keep limits. I see plenty nice souls who offer to breed 2Gs for free. That's the gift of giving. Grabbing two eggs and being limited to allow other people to grab two eggs...how is that 'giving'. Also, how does it affect anyone if someone hoards 100+ CBs of a Valentine's dragon? If everyone can still easily grab as many as they want? If the effort is there, then they are rewarded - and good for that guy, I'll just be okay with the 7 or so I manage to snag.
  19. My boy hatched today and I'm so happy~ He is literally 1 digit off from a dreamcode of mine :3 http://dragcave.net/view/P2MAJ Eventually he will inherit this guyz name: http://dragcave.net/view/E9bct Ya, I'm a huge fan. For anyone that knows.
  20. I think the threads are fine the way they are; we have one that is for ONLY Prizes and the only other thread to allow them is the general trade thread - which is just any trade. I don't see why the general thread would cut prizes out when it's supposed to be an all-inclusive thread. Sure prizes dominate there, but to obtain prizes with the lines you want, trade is your only option (besides getting lucky in AP).
  21. I am indifferent to this suggestion. I can understand how massbreeds are frustrating for those who only hunt in the AP, but we have to realize that the AP is a garbage dump, open for anyone who wants to drop whatever into it. I don't always hunt in the AP myself (though I have more recently, since the caves are slow) so it wouldn't affect me much either way. When there is nothing in the AP I like or if there is a massbreed of a dragon I don't particularly collect, I come back at a later time and the problem is usually gone. ^^ I guess this all comes down to everyone's play styles and how much they rely on the variety of eggs in the AP to hunt. It would help those who like variety, though I'm sure if there was a Nhio massbreed and only 5 eggs at a time showed from it, I'd be pretty bummed. Massbreeds are such a love-hate relationship :3
  22. SO UUHH Well honestly I haven't been too active in the past few summer months, I usually grab a few things from the AP and come back days later...stuff like black eggs for alts and the such. Well I came on today to check on things and saw I had three ER eggs. One being a black egg that I swear I caught from the AP... ITS A 2G THUWED OMG http://dragcave.net/lineage/jVbbV TJ delivered it god knows when and I JUST NOW REALIZED LOL <3 weeee What a great day. *prays for altie*
  23. I'm torn between the Alpine (omgsh LIGHTNING) and Desert (ooo-Orange!!) ones, but I made my final vote on Mageia. I love their pose, the shape almost reminds me of a heart. <3 Plus so shiny orange~ I think Astrapi is just as amazing colorwise, with his striking gold belly and deep blue scales, but the pose is lacking, for me. ^^ The lightning add-on does compensate though.... Great breed, very interesting.
  24. These are super cool. Just need one from Forest, Jungle, & Volcano still n I'll have them all.