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    2 dogs [zoey [spaniel mix]- my mom 's dog and serria [yellow lab]- my oldest sister 's dog] i got 2 cats [kiki [amercian short hair] and kira [main coon]] zoey love bark at squirrels serra love sleep and bark kiki is outside cat kira is inside cat and she is main coon and she love play
  2. this past -my mom divored my real father and my 2 step fathers my 3 rd step father is really mean to me my 3rd step father fighting my mom about dislays and proucts look like at home and also they fight about booths look like at shows my 3rd stepfather dive my crazy at home and shows i went to 2 special workshops in ill and ark i miss my grandpas and grandmas too
  3. this now -my real father live fla [paul john imhoff sr ] my mom [jennie g messley] live me [rod imhoff] and older sister [beth ann imhoff strom] and my bother in law [thomas h strom] and my 2 appoying nieces [brie erin strom] and [kylie bella strom] and 2 dogs [serria and zoey] and 2 cats [kiki and kira]
  4. my merlin name after king arthur 's adivor / creator of round table / creater of the sword in the stone