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  1. there were banners advertising the book challenge and I had one in my sig (the Tinypic one). but with the closing I guess no one saved the images.
  2. F4 Bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/GEMe 12,084 views. Didn't think I'd have one with that many lol.
  3. Are the badges going to be updated? I just realized that they are no longer working.
  4. are the older badge images also being moved to a new host? My badge is broken and I do not see any way to get the image so that I can post it again.
  5. Book Number: 3 Number Of Pages: 174 Book Title: Nancy's Mysterious Letter Author: Carolyn Keene Summary: Nancy receives a letter addressed to her that she has an inheritance waiting for her in England. When the letter is stolen from the mailman's bag, she tries to track it down and learns of another Nancy Drew. Now she must find this woman and inform her of her inheritance before it's too late.
  6. I was able to hatch one unown and of course it was also an A which I already had from PAX a couple years ago. I was hoping for one of the other letters. If anyone needs more friends, I need to add a new fried for that task. My code is 4871-3745-2068
  7. I'll sign up for this round. Diamond. R1 Bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/Pc5BQ R2 Bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/3s0Sj R3 Bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/lQsKV R4 Bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/Gg9wv R5 Bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/MUb35 R6 Bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/s9IIH R7 bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/IGIPF R8 Bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/xd1rQ cascade 1b bingo https://dragcave.net/lineage/lOdXr
  8. Book Number: 2 Number Of Pages: 174 Book Title: The Clue in the Diary Author: Carolyn Keene Summary: Nancy and her friends witness a fire at a mansion of a known cheat and she finds a diary dropped by someone who ran away from the scene of the crime. She uses her detective skills to figure out who caused the fire, and who this mysterious man is.
  9. pming Timid Goddess Now mentoring Timid Goddess I also have no more students, the last one I had hasn't logged on in over a year Edit: This person decided that they do not have interest in the site and so has left So they can be considered graduated.
  10. Book Number: 1 Number of Pages: 178 Book Title: The Clue of the Broken Locket Author: Carolyn Keene Summary: Nancy's father asks her to go to Misty Lake to investigate strange occurences on the lake that has the locals frightened. One man, Henry Winch who cares for the cottages out of season is refusing to remain on the Lake any longer because of phantom sightings and Nancy and her friends rent a cottage to get to the bottom of it.
  11. when photobucket changed I went with imgur and I'm pretty pleased with it so far. I find it hard to add photos to already existing albums but that might be just me.
  12. I second the keep it as it was.
  13. A Still life exhibit in a museum I visited. This one was in Denver where they had an entire wing of animals in their habitats
  14. I'll give it another try this year. I'll try to beat last year's record lol.
  15. @Gluria I sent you a request, my trainer name is KeydaH. I also depend on the breakthroughs for legendaies, i dont get to go out enough to play, or go to the city to raid there as my weekends are full during the summer.
  16. My entry: An empty dwelling at Montezuma's Well
  17. I got way to excited when I saw wooloo, had to explain to coworkers who were explaining their bad day to each other behind me I wasn't laughing at them. Sheep are my spirit animal, so excited to have a new one, I'd like to see it evolve into something majestic with really cool horns.
  18. The Diary of Ann Frank is also a classic WWII novel.
  19. My Entry: A photo from the Nickelback concert I went to in CT.
  20. congrats to everyone! I ended up with 4 shinies, all of them "not likely" but I'm glad I got some shinies. Had a good day shopping while hunting so it all worked out.
  21. how does one obtain a kryduck or a zhenyin?
  22. Thanks @purpledragonclaw! I think that's it for now. If anyone wants to try trading trinkets, i can see what i have/give ones you are hoarding in exchange for ones I"m hoarding.
  23. Also went with clampearl. No luck so far but did finish my seel hunt this morning. decided to get back into the game after a few years of not playing. Seems I've missed a lot, I'm having trouble figuring any of the new things out.
  24. I was able to catch a few clampearl and I even caught a perfect IV one! No shinies though, I had a few feebas so I'm closer to my Milotic. Did not get any shiny of the others either this time. But I think I may have used my shiny luck for the community day when I caught 7 shiny swinub. I was able to get just enough candy to evolve one feebas and it turned out to be a gorebyss like I wanted. I'll have to start walking Clampearl after the feebas and hope for a quick huntail. I think I'll try to go to the city for the next event like this. I'll definitely have better chances of a shiny and stops there. I ran out of pokeballs yesterday and am stuck until I can stock up on more.
  25. Raining here today for me too, but I did manage to catch a shiny pikachu and a shiny squirtle. I was hoping for another shiny mareep but maybe next time.