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  1. Why do you read? Enjoyment, escape, ideas, improving something in yourself, nothing better to do? All of the above. ^^ Do the non-content things matter to you? Cover, title, blurbs, summary, outside information, formatting, author's outside affiliations/statements (ex, the author is a homophobe or a rabid [insert political group] or likes trashing other people.. do you care)? Not really. It's not as though everyone cares if Walt Disney was a nazi. I only read a book for enjoyment. Do you judge books as a whole, or can one very great aspect (ex, characterization, style, plot, ending, idea) outweigh s[...] in all the other areas? IMO, books that are evenly balanced are usually pretty good. Do you like/hate certain kinds of characters, personalities, plots, adventures, writing styles, or settings? (Elaborate, please? @_@) I usually hate characters that worry too much, are Mary/Gary Stu's. Now, I don't like plots that are about things I usually hear a lot about, such as: Vampires, and get twisted to the point that they aren't vampires anymore. How quickly within a book do you make a decision? Can you dislike a novel that you have never read, but have seen synopses/reviews of? I usually do some research and look for a lot of reviews before picking up a book. And usually when I'm reading a book I don't like, I usually just drop it after a few chapters. Is there anything in a review/synopsis that automatically makes you want to try/never want to try a novel? Occasionally when I see in a lot of reviews that the plot is dry, the main character is a Mary Stu, I usually don't read it. Do you have a favorite fiction genre? If so, why is it your favorite? Do you read widely outside it? I usually read fantasy. I occasionally pick up a book other than fantasy, but that's rare event. Do you recommend any book you love to anyone, or do you try to recommend books you think the other person is more suited to? I'm an avid reader, so people usually ask me what books they should read. I usually just ask them a few questions about what their favorite genre, and just suggest a book.
  2. Adoxy


    I like the fact that the bats have funky hair.
  3. I have a few favorites.. Yellowfang Longtail BEFORE HE WENT BLIND. Cloudtail Graystripe & Silverstream Stormfur & Brook uhhh.. And Purdy. *AND ASHFUR*
  4. Adoxy

    Cirque Du Freak

    Yeah, I felt the same. Wasn't the best. Could have been written better, and done a lot better. But it's a okay book. But the audience the author wanted was very young compared to how old I am now.
  5. PJ = Good Eragon = Boring
  6. Ahh, very nice work. I like your writing style.
  7. Adoxy

    Warrior Cats Books!

    The character of the cats.. I don't even know who the current cats in the series are.. But I think it would be cool it they wrote a book about the cats in the beginning(Them first cats, ya know, Thunder, River, Shadow, Wind cats who came up with the clans and were the first leaders?) That would be pretty cool to see how they lived back then.
  8. I honestly don't care about inbreeding, but I would avoid doing it if possible. I'll probally keep a inbred, but not breed it with other dragons. I really can't breed any dragons right now, since I'm new and all the dragons I've been getting have turned out to be male. I recently got a pink, and I'm considering about what dragon to breed it with.
  9. Yeah, same here. I would imagine atleast ONE character would be a child of a minor god, but nooo. And it's always Zeus.. Atleast one major character has to be a son/daughter of Zeus. :/
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    Marina acted strange IMO
  11. Not sure what they are right now, I read them a while ago, and a lot of books are going through my head at the moment. I didn't like Jason though. He was sort of overpowered with some of his abilities. But it might be me just being paranoid.
  12. Funny. I looked at Eragon, read a few chapters, then got bored, put it down, and picked a book with three books in one(Cirque Du Freak). Much more interesting, but I'll go back to Eragon and skip the useless chapters like I've done with other books.. *cough*
  13. Yeah, when it was found out Piper was daughter of Aphrodite, I was disappointed. I would have expected something better. But so far(I already finished the book), The Lost Hero wasn't as good as I expected it to be. Oh well.
  14. Adoxy

    Cirque Du Freak

    Yeah, it is a bit basic.. I don't like how they didn't know such simple words(nor the way they acted) at that age either.. But it's still a good book overall
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    lol I didn't know there were skins either.
  16. Haha, it would, wouldn't it? I can just imagine..
  17. PiperxJason = Lame couple. Where's Grover?! I liked him. I didn't like the ending. Nobody bothered to explain who Percy was to them. Sorta silly.
  18. Adoxy


    That made me laugh. The TV series had a funny style. I found the whole idea of the animals having hair comical. And Marina in the TV series was "SDFMSODIMGIOSDFM MOODSWINGSDSOIGMDIOFGMSOIFGNMASDFIOMASRIOPGMSD" I liked the books though, 'cept for Firewing.
  19. I considered reading them, since I'm reading Wolves of the Beyond(Also written by Kathryn Lasky) and love it so far. So I might read it.
  20. Adoxy

    Cirque Du Freak

    Anybody read these books? At the moment I'm reading a book(from Cirque Du Freak) called "The Vampires Assistant(and other tales from Cirque Du freak)" So it includes: A Living Nightmare, The Vampires Assistant, and Tunnel. He goes to a freak show(Cirque Du Freak) and he turns into a half-vampire(to save his friend, who was dying) and his friend hates him because he wanted to be a vampire, but doesn't realize he saved his life Lots more to that, but don't wanna spoil it. So any of you guys read, or like the book? There's also a movie about it.
  21. I saw it a few times, but.. I haven't seen all the episodes, far from it, but I liked watching it. I don't want to watch the movie, I've heard it sucks.
  22. Adoxy


    Oh.. This is the first series of books in my at home library.. I loved this series. Although I didn't like Firewing.. It was boring for me, and of course I hated Phoenix or whatever his name was. I'm picky with books, never mind the fact that I just went to the bookstore today and bought Eragon, Wolves of the Beyond: Shadow Wolf, Cirque Du Freak: The Vampires assistant, Hatchet, and Skyclans Destiny.. >.> <.<
  23. I know what happened to Cinderpelt. Hence the Cinderpaw/pelt/heart. ;_;
  24. Hmm.. When Snape killed Dumbledore, my brain went poof.. And maybe in Warriors when Cinderpaw/heart/pelt got pwnzordz by a car. :c
  25. LOL when she first appeared I thought she was in her 20s. And when she appeared I THEN started to wonder where Percy was. o.o. My first impression of the book was that Piper was the daughter of Annabeth and Percy, and Percy got captured by some evil crap. So they had to save him. But I was wrong.. Completely wrong.