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  1. Once unlocked back to catching CB's and making more Tempests
  2. OK starting to catch CB's to get my Tempest count up and try for some even gens How is everyone else?
  3. With in the next week ill be starting my search for a mate for this tempest http://dragcave.net/lineage/If0V Im working on getting more female pinks to influence
  4. Stalked the AP for several Hrs didn't see any hollies. Had RL stuff to do so couldn't stalk the AP much more. Haven't caught one yet, but there is always next year.
  5. TJ knows but will he tell is the question
  6. Do ppl not take the time to read the first post or read through the topic to realize that u can only have a MAX of 2 of EACH of the current holiday dragons, weather it be, 2 Eggs, 1Egg / 1 Hatchie, 1 Egg / 1 Adult, 2 Hatchies, 2 Adults, 2 frozen Hatchies, 1 Adult / 1 Frozen Hatchie. Think that covers most of the combos
  7. When hatchies gender is the ratio based on the current DC male/female ratio as a whole or from that breeds current male/female ratio?
  8. Million dollar question single or dual gender
  9. Very nice and this is the exact reason i hate being locked After the start of the new year ill be starting my CB Tempests Edit: Unlocked and was able to claim
  10. Def a nice idea and yeah general ones to start and maybe we can get fancier later on
  11. Looks familiar lol http://dragcave.net/lineage/rq0n
  12. The Vamp lineages seem like it could be fun to work with
  13. You are not alone. Maybe some one will be nice enough to help
  14. Fertility * Purple BSA increases the chance of whatever dragon you choose breeding successfully. * Does not alter the chance of getting a specific breed of egg. * Two week cooldown Rare x Rare breeding * Breed gold x gold, gold x silver, or gold x holiday (Or any other combination of rares except holiday x holiday) * gold x gold has the same chance of producing a gold egg as gold x pink, so this won't make rares super-easy to get. Is the official post. As for % who knows. The BSA just increases the chance of getting a EGG not what type, as far as i can tell
  15. Scroll Name:Davrinmos (link in siggy) Forum Name:Davrinmos Willing to gift Dragons: Y (once i get my self a few ) Willing to Receive Dragons: Y
  16. Maybe it would be some thing like this: You enter the cave and see (num of biomes) tunnels branching off the cave. Each has a marking above it, those marking are ( the representation of each biome each of which is the link to that biome page) Then upon entering the biome the msg that greets u could be: You have mysteriously transported to (biome name) and you see many large dragons scattered about, some with hatchlings, sleeping on piles of gold. Near the entrance to the cave, there are three eggs. But i guess we will have to wait and see
  17. New limit is simple enough to follow. having the ability to have more hatchies and collect eggs faster will be nice but cause some epic scroll locks at prolly the worst time
  18. At least while we wait to newer ppl have time to build up their collection of reds, magi, pink ,and purple
  19. The views are going a lil slow so for those who incubated yeah is it crunch time but for me who dident the views are right on track. So im not overly worried unless they get sick. Silvi's Lair seems to be a good sight for ER since it has both a less then 4 day and a less then 1 day ER.
  20. Yeah those who were not around yesterday def missed some fun, but im sure they had better stuff to do then F5ing the cave for a few hrs while getting the last 2 trick or treats
  21. I think most here feel that way
  22. I dont have the pumpkin basket icon just says 2010 Trick or Treating