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  1. At first, I saw more green ones than blue ones. Now, I can't find any. But I'm egg locked anyway.
  2. A2, Michigan....College town-University of Michigan and the pot town A lot of people smoke that stuff in my school....
  3. Long fingers. They would say that I should play piano. I have to rhythm so I quit. Piano playing is extremely important when you're Chinese. (sorry mom, I can't play to save my life.) Long toes. It's bad when I'm only NEARLY 5 feet 1 inch. I wear 6.5. Not pretty. I know I won't grow. My female cousins are all around 5 feet. Straight black hair. It's SO boring. I try to curl it but it never stays in shape. My friends think that I'm lucky. Doctor says I got scoliosis. Not cool.
  4. Neither How can I stay skinny if I drink sugar?
  5. Success is the best revenge. Working on that. Also, there are opportunities in the bad things. Opportunities are everywhere.
  6. My dream is to become an old, single lady living in the south. I also want to throw rocks at kids. Gonna see how that goes
  7. Plutonium! It's radioactive! RADIOACTIVE!
  8. ^ With this, I would be a B. But I'm AB
  9. I had a dream that my art teacher told me that I can't draw and should give up.
  10. I'm 100% boring Chinese. Both of my parents are from a village on this island off the coast of China- Zhejiang. I feel like I'm some inbred animal. My dad lived in Taiwan most of his childhood. I got a boring life.
  11. i dont know i made it up but thats what i want to be called when i grow up
  12. i all have pc cause theyre cheaper my school got mac and its slow i hate its mouse