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My Scroll Am looking for 2nd gen Avatar from GoN and Male Prize, silver preferred.IMPORTANT: Am looking for a CB egg, or CB Male Hatchling with a code that can be read as "Treat". Willing to trade for such a code!

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    For most eggs, if the person has shown to be honest, I accept IOUs. I am also working on Neglected Dragons. Any fogged on my scroll is an egg that I'm trying to turn.

    List of Dragons that I am willing to breed for people (might take time. Some still have to grown up. Others are stubborn...):

    2nd gen pureblood: (may take time)

    2nd gen: (non holiday offspring, unless with good offer)

    (M=male parent, F=female parent, Z=Z'code parent (f-m for gender))
    (F)Ribbon Dancer
    (M)Winter Magi
    (M)Wrapping Wing
    (M)2015 Christmas
    (F)Shadow Walker
    (M, F, Zm) Grave
    (M, F) Desipis
    (M, F) Caligene
    (M) Heartseeker
    (F) Arsani
    (M) Radiant Angel
    (F) Heartstealing
    (M, F) Magma, Ice, Thunder
    (M) Gold

    "CB" Vampires

    3rd gen staircases from gold/silver
    multiple tinsels/shimmers (high gen)

    CB Codes: (only adults listed)
    jJoIN- F Teimarr
    TrKCK- F Brute
    1YUck- M Blue Two Headed Lindwurm
    13cum- F Green Two Headed Lindwurm

    From Codes: (only adults listed)
    [url=http://dragcave.net/lineage/en6fB] F Spotted Greenwing 2nd gen from gladU and LykIE[/url]
    [url=http://dragcave.net/lineage/XcqZL] M Harvest 4th gen EG from all naughty codes[/url]
    [url=http://dragcave.net/lineage/kj3Ww] M Fever 2nd gen from cCO0L and 8bS** [/url] (S word all caps)

    Account is Kurei Chitsu like my user name. See anything else you like? Ask and I'll see what I can do.

    What I Want:
    CB or 2nd gen Gold/Silver
    CB codes (anything cute, funny, rude, naughty, ect)
    CB Mints, F Sunrise, and M Sunset
    2nd-4th gen Tinsel/Shimmer
    Neglected (I wish)

    Holiday Fails:
    2nd gen Blusang from Arsani
    Done ---- 2nd gen Grey from Arsani
    2nd gen Silver from Arsani
    Done ---- 2nd gen Black Tea from Arsani
    Done ---- 2nd gen Thunder From Heartseeker
    2nd gen Bluna from Rosebud
    2nd gen Red Nebula from Alt Sweetling
    3rd gen Bright Breasted from F 09 Valentine Checker
    3rd gen White Stripe from F 09 Valentine Checker
    2nd gen Gold from M Cave Lurker
    2nd gen Silver from F Cave Lurker
    Done ---- 2nd gen Red from M Cave Lurker
    Done ---- 2nd gen Magma from F Cave Lurker
    2nd gen Magma from M cave Lurker
    Done ---- 2nd gen Black Tea from F Cave Lurker
    2nd gen Golden Wyvern from M Cave Lurker
    2nd gen Blue Nebula from M Shadow Walker
    Done ---- 2nd gen Black from F Shadow Walker
    2nd gen Golden Wyvern from Wrapping Wing
    2nd gen Moonstone from Ribbon Dancer
    2nd gen Black Tea from Ribbon Dancer
    2nd gen Daydream from All Gold Snow Angel
    Pending ---- 2nd gen White from Any Snow Angel
    2nd gen Purple Nebula from Any Snow Angel
    Pending ---- 2nd gen Pink from Yulebuck and Old Pink

    Needed Commons: (high priority)
    2nd gen Green from Vine
    2nd gen Red from Winter
    Nothing related to [url=http://dragcave.net/lineage/AY6Gr]this[/url]

    Specific Codes: (need to be cave born, unless parents are CB and coded, too)
    A blue toned or colder toned dragon whose code is similar to Virgil
    A red toned or hotter toned dragon whose code is similar to Dante
    Any code similar to zombie/drouger/vampire/ect
    Any Naughty codes (cuss words, sound words, ect)
    Any Code similar to Treat (if hatchling, must be influenced/gendered male), to be a mate to TrKCK
    Black or darker toned dragon with code similar to Vincent (needs to be 2nd gen)
    All Number Codes
    Full X or Z codes(XXXXX, xxxxx, XxXXx, ZZzZZ, ect)
    Birthday codes (Jan26, Aug03, Aug31, Jul07 or July7) not exact needed, but those dates required
    Animal Codes (mycat, fishy, imeow, ect)
    Morbid Codes (Fangs, death, bleed, ect)

    Will take 2nd gens from cb coded parents unrelated to my own listed codes.

    Alright, I am hoping to get people to help me with a little 2nd gen project. This is for my fiancee. I am hoping to get a mate(s) for Spark's beautiful CB coded dragon. He's a winter magi with a lovely german code Meine. Looking for cb females with good german codes.

    List of IOUs that I'm working on:

    IOUs that I've finished:
    1.) Vampire hatchie for BlubberFlash
    2.) Thunder Trio for Spark Nitrous
    3.) Silver Tinsel for Spark Nitrous