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  1. Umm, thanks, but I think you're in the wrong thread. *points to title* Ugggh I hate Sundays. Almost as much as I hate Mondays. Why can't every weekend be three days long.
  2. Two words: Printers. Suck. They're always running out of paper and throwing errors and I want to throw both of my stupid printers out of the freaking window.
  3. My cats have always been indoor/outdoor, and as long as I continue to live in a safe, quiet neighborhood I will never own a strictly indoor cat, unless it is the cat's own choice to stay inside. I know that there are cats that are happy being indoor-only, but if the reason for that is because they have never even experienced the outdoors to decide for themselves, then it's the wrong reason. Cats may be domesticated, but they're still natural predators, and toys can only go so far. Now I can understand keeping them indoors for their own safety, like if you live on a busy street or in an area with a lot of wild predators like foxes. But I also don't think they should be strictly outdoor, either. Yes, the average house cat, if acclimated to being an outdoor cat, can survive. But is it a good life? I wouldn't think that outdoor cats would even form that close of a bond with their owners, though I've never had an outdoor cat so I may be wrong. Maybe it is possible. But it seems really impersonal. And I've always believed that pets are members of the family, and should be treated as such. But restricting them to the house is playing it too safe. But any cat that goes outside should be fixed. That just goes without saying. As for bell collars, I personally don't have a problem with my cats hunting, as long as they eat what they catch and don't play with it before doing so, but it certaintly isn't necessary for an indoor/outdoor cat to actually catch their own food. One of my cats who is a very capable hunter wore a bell collar for a while. Not that it hindered him any. When he came home one day without it, it was decided to just not bother with getting a new one.
  4. Alright, poll is up! Voting will stay open for a week or so. Good luck, everyone!
  5. Yesss new goal: Get a Zombie of each tombstone. Well this is going to take forever....
  6. You know you watch too much Doctor Who when you're having an argument and trying really hard not to swear, and the first thing that comes to mind is "You son of a Dalek!" ...
  7. I have a Mockingjay pin that has been washed about four or five times because I always forget to take it off my shirts after I wear it. If it goes missing, that's where it its. Oh, and money. I've found some very clean dollar bills in my jeans pockets before. Never anything electronic, and never food (LOL Ingunami, that's a new one)... yep I'm boring.
  8. Bumping because it's closing tonight. There have been some great entries this month, but hopefully we'll get a couple more?
  9. Galsriem. I tried all the world names after the Encyclopedia was released, but that was the only proper spelling I got.
  10. I'm going to extend the deadline till Sunday night. Hopefully the weekend will encourage more people to enter? I'm hoping we get at least one more entry before it closes. (Did I choose a bad theme?)
  11. LOL that is just too good. Wonderful find, and great code!
  12. This girl at my school who's a freaking amazing artist (she's one of the best artists in the entire high school) sought me out to compliment out one of my paintings that was in my cubby in the art room. Oh my god oh my god she liked it. This girl's work is so good that it will probably be in a museam one day and she liked my work. Oh my god. Excuse me while I go freak out.
  13. Less than a week left to enter! If there are only one or two entries by the time the 12th rolls around, I'll extend the deadline by another week, but I hope that won't be necessary. There seemed to be a good deal of intrest in this thread. (Where did it go?)
  14. I almost threw it back, but odd symmetry of this guy eventually won me over. This pairing is too pretty to pass up. I'm a total sucker for EGs. Thank you so much, breeders!
  15. I was actually thinking about adding the list of past topics... anyone want me to add a list of the winning eggs, too? Alright, list updated with previous themes. MessengerDragon's name has been replaced with Diaveborn's. (Since Diaveborn was the winner, but they declined the opportunity to host. If you're alright with that, MessengerDragon. I can add you as a second place winner or something.) Looking forward to all the entries! Sounds like this month's contest is going to be good.
  16. Come on. Come on! When are you gonna change my grade? I have a C in your class and I shouldn't.
  17. My teacher said don't cheat the margins... somehow I doubt he was thinking anyone would have to use the margins to make the paper shorter to fit the limit... Maybe he won't notice? I don't want to be the only one to turn in 1 1/4 pages of text for a 1 page assignment.
  18. Microsoft Word, I hate you. So freaking much. Worst. Word processor. Ever. Too bad my school uses PCs and I can't realistically switch to Pages.
  19. I wasn't even planning to AP hunt this year, let alone keep anything I found, but this little girl won me over. Thank you, mysterious breeder!
  20. That's utterly bizarre. I tried naming one of my own dragons "Tiga's Dorsal HC 117" just to test it and it flashed the "This name is inappropriate" message... yet it let me name it "Tiga's Dorsal HC 118." Does 117 have some secret, hidden meaning that I'm not aware of? Wait. Just tried "Tiga's Dorsal 117" and "HC 117" and the first one worked, but the second one didn't. Something about the phrase "HC 117" is setting off a filter for some reason...
  21. We never get trick-or-treaters at our house. The average age of our neighbors is around sixty, haha. I know of two, maybe three houses with kids young enough to trick-or-treat. I myself used to go trick-or-treating in another neighborhood, though I haven't been in several years because I felt I'd grown out of it. But because I had school off on Halloween I was over at one of my friends' houses all day, and we decided, hey, why not get dressed up and go trick-or-treating. (I was a glamorous cat, my friend was a nerd.) We took scooters because her neighborhood is huge, LOL. We had a blast, and I was surprised that not a single person said anything about how we were so much older than all of the other kids out that night. In fact I even saw one of my classmates and her boyfriend out. Guess you really aren't ever too old for Halloween. You just have to go to the right neighborhood. @collect12 ROFL You win the cookie.
  22. The eggs remind me of the stone hematite, but the hatchlings... O.o they're cool but I can't unsee the tail-mouth.
  23. Oh gosh, thank you!! I honestly didn't think I was to win because the feathers are so hard to see but I'm so happy that everyone liked it. And I love your egg. It's so adorable. The new contest is up and ready for posting. Click!