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  1. I've never done descriptions exactly like that, but I do have dragons with descriptions that have pieces that are exactly the same or use the same "template." However, I have seen dragons (a Nilla pair owned by someone, I don't remember who) who are described exactly how you are suggesting. Now having each dragon different certainty is more interesting (at least in my opinion), but if you would like to do a pair like that to stress how similar the two dragons are or something, there's nothing wrong with it!
  2. I keep forgetting to make a post here. I have an egg that's about 50% done. I'll edit this post when I'm finished. Well, I guess it's as done as it'll ever be. Not exactly accurate, but meh. I'm done messing with it. "A black and white wing extends gracefully from this burning egg." Movie: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  3. Here's a nice shot of a squirrel from the window of one of my classrooms last spring.
  4. One time I was playing an online guess-the-drawing game. The word was "oak," and no one guessed it because the person drawing wasn't very good. So I was super confused, and asked "what's an oak"? Cue about five "LOLs" and one "a tree, you silly."
  5. On a Bluna: Comments: Accept: "later, but" Aw, this description tugs at the harpstrings. -DT Accept: Accept: Accept: A compliment wrapped up in a terrible amazing pun. LOL thanks for making my morning, Dirtytabs. And for a Whiptail: Comments: Accept: Accept: LOVE it! Great description ~Remy Accept: David Tennant, right? -ab Accept: This is awesome, can't believe I haven't seen this lineage before. Perfect choice of dragon for ten! ~Storm Accept: Permanently, not Permenently. Accept: Accept: Woah. This is epic!!! Accept: this is kind of sad, but still good. Holy crap I think that's the most comments I've ever gotten on one description. It makes me so happy when people get my references. Not that it wasn't an extremely obvious reference, but still. Thank you guys!
  6. I don't remember what she said exactly, but one of my classmates who is an extremely talented artist came up to me in the hallway randomly and started gushing about a painting I'd done that had been sitting on the drying rack in the art room. That comment just about made my entire week. Also, waaaay back during a Description Day event a few years ago, one of the mods who was helping commented on one of my descriptions, saying "I came in here to gush over a well-done misunderstood Vine dragon, and it was yours, Hawk." I screenshotted that. I'd had so much trouble with that one descrip and it was so awesome hearing that. And the time my best friend said I'd never be rid of her.
  7. Wether or not he steals your dragon souls is also determined immediately on upon the dragon's death. You can save the game when a dragon is low on health and restart if Miraak shows up, and still get the soul. Helped me a lot, because I ended up in the same situation as you. I did the Temple of Miraak quest at freaking level 6. Oops. :/ Had to make my follower fight the bosses because one hit would practically kill me. So by the time I was actually high enough to fight dragons by myself, it was too late to undo that part of the quest line.
  8. Nope, unless it's a special occasion and I get dressed up, or I need it for a play I'm in. I tell people it's because I'm confident enough in the way I look without makeup, which is true enough, but the real reason is that I like sleep far too much to be bothered to get up early enough to put on makeup. I know it doesn't take that long for people who are experienced, but I'm really not interested in learning. Though I should. It gets irritating not being able to do things like eyeliner and maskera when I need them for shows.
  9. Ahh I've done that before. Luckily all refusals are turned off during holiday breeding, but still. Refusals hurt. I just looked at my scroll, saw I had two eggs, and bred a pretty thinking I was unlocked. It autoabandoned. I forgot to count the hatchies. Oops.
  10. I tend to think quicker than I can speak, changing my mind in the middle of a word, so the sentence comes out broken and jumbled. But only when I think too much, though this especially happens when I try to read aloud. I get ahead of myself and stumble over the sentence, or jam words together, or misread a word entirely. It can be really embarassing, because I'm a performer and don't mind speaking in front of my class, but when I can't really say what I want to it just makes me seem really embarrassed and nervous when that isn't the case.
  11. Congrats on the win, sbowen! That egg is awesome. What a great idea.
  12. Yay, mine have grown up! What lovely adults. <3
  13. Okay, that person officially rocks. Here's some great ones I got: THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE GALLIFREY FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!! - beautifuldragon5000 Rawr, I'm a dandeLION!! RAWR!! - beautifuldragon5000 Let's ride our dragons to the sunset together to conquer the Cyberdaleks! - beautifuldragon5000 Umm... she's a friend of mine. I've got a bunch more funny ones from her, but a lot are inside jokes that really don't make any sense. HERE, HAVE SOME OVERWHELMING PURPLE. And Merry Christmas! - Dimar This one came with a purple present with a purple bow and a purple gift tag. I love purple.
  14. Ooh pretty eggies! And merry Christmas everyone!!
  15. Tomorrow. I'm making an egg tomorrow. Christmas, y u so time consuming? Alright, here's my egg! Whelp, another thunderstorm egg. Oh well. "Every so often, a lightning bolt jumps from the thunderclouds that surround this egg." Natural disaster: Thunderstorm
  16. Yay, another storytelling event! I loved the last one. Merry early Christmas, everybody!!
  17. It doesn't look very practical, at least not for a school setting, which is what I use backpacks for, but it is sheer awesomness. I mean, the detail of the scales and face is just incredible. I bet it's super heavy.
  18. I'll definitely make one if this contest is still open by the weekend. I just don't have time for anything right now. *cough*Midterms suck*cough*
  19. When I was a newbie I didn't care much about lineages, either. Like ADP all I wanted were the sprites, since lineages have absolutely no affect on the dragon other than its market value. Which worked in my favor because I was able to get messy rares to complete my scroll goals fairly cheaply. But after a while, I realized just how big of a role lineages have in DC. Now I don't have any lineage projects (my main goal is describing, and breeding creates more work in that regard), but I found myself much more... attached, for lack of a better word, to dragons that had lineages I found pretty or interesting. In fact I went through my scroll and replaced all of my older messy lineages with neater ones. Now not all of the lineages I like are what is considered valuable by the general public, as is the case for a lot of people. Whether or not you like a certain lineage is entirely up to you. Some people really like deadlines. Others, like myself, like EG inbreds. I have a friend who actually likes messy lineages better than neat ones simply because they show more "character" and are always different. And some people never develop a taste for lineages, preferring to focus on collecting sprites rather than breeding. Though it is important to note that if you intend to start trading, you'll want to collect dragons that can breed valuable eggs. And that means having neat lineages.
  20. My dad got a job after being unemployed for a year and a half. We had no income that long. I didn't realize how bad it was until a few weeks ago.. they were purposefully keeping it from me... I'm so relieved. The job is nearby, too. I'm also scared for exams. And a Spanish test on Thursday. Why do there have to be so many irregular verbs in the Spanish language? *sigh*
  21. Quite easily, actually. Everyone in my family has a cellphone, and anyone that needs to get in contact with us has our cellphone numbers. And as an added plus, we don't get telemarketer calls anymore because we still use our land line number when signing up for stuff. ------ When detention is filled with half the upperclassmen and literally all of them are there for too many tardies, it really says something. Here's a novel idea, Mr. Headmaster: maybe the rule is the problem.
  22. First timer here, too! Garden at Montecello, the house of Thomas Jefferson. There's an orchard somewhere beyond that hill, I think. I took it with my phone so it isn't the best, but meh. I like it.
  23. Okay I think TLOSpyrogirl is our winner! Congrats! Your egg was awesome.
  24. Well, this is gonna take a while. My old, dead iPhone 3GS, a box half-full of Halloween candy, two feather boas (Halloween costume pieces), two bottles of nail polish remover, two boxes of hair dye, some unused gift boxes from a birthday party two years ago, an unopend roll of rainbow Duck Tape, a Barbie doll that has spent three years in a drawer in my living room until today, a fancy handbag, a gift card, about seven dollars in ones, a bag full of smaller bags of beads, a beading loom with a bearly started project on it, and in the chair, a bag full of loose feathers from the feather boas. Yep. That's a ton of junk.