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  1. I FINALLY finished my breeding project! A 5th gen PB Silver as a mate for a dragon I traded for forever ago. I bred him a mate a few weeks back but he refused her. His second mate grew up today and not only did they not refuse, but they bred an egg on the first freaking try. *incoherent screaming* http://dragcave.net/lineage/hJo0x
  2. WOW. These are GORGEOUS. Could you draw a Guardian of Nature with some sort of spacey or otherwise purple background? Or just a Guardian of Nature, I'm not to picky on the background, haha.
  3. Oooh they are so perfect with Astrapi Xenos. They look surprisingly good with Desipis, too. I like how the silhouettes of the heads match.
  4. Chrysanthemum powder is toxic to fleas, and Diatomaceous Earth (crushed diatoms, basically silica) kills them by drying them out. It's how we treat our animals and carpet for fleas because both are nontoxic (you can even get food-grade Diatomaceous Earth for dealing with internal parasites). Chrysanthemum powder might be a tad hard to find, though; last time I was talking to my mom about it she said it had been pulled or something, IDK. But Diatomaceous Earth works pretty well, too.
  5. David Tennant. He's such a good actor, and seems like such a sweet person. (And he's a complete fanboy LOL.) Not to mention he's gorgeous okay.
  6. Clearfang - Describe that Dragon! Suggestion: Maybe due to a nutritional deficency, Clearfang's teeth are very fragile and almost transparent, leading to the popular rumor that they're actually made of glass or crystal. Because of this, it's hard for him to hunt and eat. So he's become his clan's dentist to insure no one else has to suffer bad teeth. --- --- A'orth and below are described and Allonsey and below are pending. Any named dragons with exception of the handful of name-holders above Aborehalis are open to describe (unless you suggest a name for the unnamed ones). Suggestions are much appreciated!
  7. Thanks! It's lovely, but I think I prefer female Frill x Tangar. The poses are more similar and it's easier to see the orange details on the female Frill.
  8. Ooooh that's gorgeous. I didn't see that, haha. But now that you mention it, one with female Tangars would be neat to see, also.
  9. Oooh, someone do a mock-up for Gold-horn Tangars. I've been wanting to breed them with Frills since their release.
  10. Wooowww I love the adults! I think the Nexuses are my favorites. I absolutely adore fire/ice themes.
  11. Dragons in higher gens should be grouped closer together. The effect of this lineage is completely lost after the 6th gen because the dragons are so far apart that they don't even look connected to each other and you have to scroll forever to get to the next one. Also, it would be nice if dragons with long, one-word names would keep their names on one line, or at least have the names be hyphenated. Because her name looks really weird chopped up like that, like it's two words rather than one.
  12. The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordian. So far I'm absolutely loving it.
  13. Are Terraes considered "traditional drakes"? I have a Terrae Zombie and he has the wingless Zombie sprite. Doesn't make much sense considering he's a male and male Terraes have wings...
  14. I think something needs to be done about how the new view handles long names. I have this dragon and her name gets chopped up as if it were two words. I'm not sure what the solution is to this, but it looks really weird as it is. I do agree that the new view is too spaced out for dragons in longer lineages. Decreasing the space between them would help make it more aesthetically pleasing, I think.
  15. BRIGHT PINKS AND FRILLS ARE BACK *screams into forever*
  16. Ohmygosh Thank you so much! You just made my night, seriously.
  17. Are Celestials supposed to change sprites to a dark blue when you Corporealize them? I bred one of mine but the sprite is still translucent on both my scroll and the /view pages.
  18. These are cool but I was reaaaly hoping for an April Fool's Joke. LOL.
  19. Was there a change in format to the /view pages? This is what mine looks like right now and it's really confusing me as to why it's so different. Is this just my browser acting up?
  20. Welp, I've gotten a lot since I last checked. Thank you so much! <3 ROFL, to the first one especially. Hehehehehehehe Thanks guys! Freaky was what I was going for LOL. LOLOL no, Tabs, that Whiptail happens to be her daughter. I meant THIS one. I love that you caught the reference, though. Thanks! Actually, this is a reference to a minor one-shot character from iCarly who spoke English but in a sort of code that only his best friend could understand. And his lines were the most ridiculous, comedic things that made absolutely no sense. D'aaaw thank you :3 Taaabs <3 It's a reference to failed Zombie attempts that just revive normally. This particular dragon was never Zombie fodder but I had an idea so I decided to go with it. And thank you so much, last accept person!! Asdffywdu TABS. You say the sweetest things. I don't know what you see in this particular one, but d'aaaw thank you so much.
  21. I don't know anything about her scroll being burned, (or why that would even happen to someone as generous as her O:) but I speak to her pretty frequently on an IRC channel. I was talking to her a few days ago, actually. I'll ask her to contact you next time I see her.
  22. Same. I used to love participating in this contest back before I took a hiatus from the forums. Maybe someone should PM the winner and ask them if they'd like to host the next round.