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  1. I came here to post my own Holly wall screenshot from a few days ago, lol. My brain stopped working for a full minute trying to comprehend the sheer improbability of a Holly wall. Hollies have been so rare for so long that seeing them be this prolific is mind-boggling.
  2. I don't care too much about unlocking all of my entries, so I have no idea how exactly this happened, but this is what my AoD entry looks like: It's definitely possible to unlock them out of order. I know I have more like this but I've been relatively inactive for the longest time so they would take a while to find. Actually, it probably happened because I clicked on my one adult all the time to check if his description had been approved yet.
  3. PLEASE let Zyumorphs be added. Those are so hard to come by. 😧
  4. Oooooh the new eggs are so gorgeous! Loving the sprite updates, too. Especially the Red. Reds have always been at the top of my update wishlist as much as I love them. Now I love them even more. ❤️ Also the new features are great! I don't do too much trading but it's awesome to finally have trades and teleporting all in the same place. And I just can't wait for Zyumorphs to be added to the marketplace. Now I finally have a chance to complete my set and summon a Sino LOL
  5. Same problem here, and it's really annoying. There was a time when I knew all of my dragons' names and could find them all easily but I've gotten too used to using the filter by breed option. Altering the URL forces some of the filter options but even that won't work for filter by breed. 😕
  6. Fractals, man. Just. FRACTALS. I'm fine with space, but inward infinity is something my brain nopes out at. Those videos of zooming into fractal images literally activate my fight or flight response, even though I can't look away because they're so gorgeous with those intricate patterns and pretty colors. D:
  7. Loving the Tatterdrakes! They have major Godzilla and werewolf vibes from the posing and anatomy and I just love them so much. They're so fierce! I just wish they were regular dragons because I can think of so many dragons they'd make pretty lineages with.
  8. Got an upside down Mint this year! I got a "Location: Cave" Mint last year but it was regular. Upside down is much cooler It took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to figure out why everything was green. Thought it had something to do with TJ's mention of St. Patrick's Day then I realized: They're all the Mint pallet. This is fantastic. XDDD
  9. Unfortunately, I agree. I deeply try, but this whole disaster has reminded me of issues in the past that were handled in ways that I felt were not fair or in the best interest of the majority. I read through the last replies made before the thread was locked and did not like the tone or the implications of any of them, nor did I appreciate that the thread was locked. Of course no one liked the answer and instead wanted -- and still want -- a compromise that benefitted everyone.
  10. After reading TJ's reply, again. I don't understand why alts just can't breed true! Hollies were rare as hell for years, but even before the addition of the holiday biomes they eventually became accessible. Sure, it will be a problem at first, but it won't be one forever. If alts breed true it's only a matter of time before they become as ubiquitous as pink Sweetlings.
  11. Has there been any response from Kila on the issue?
  12. This is just so cute! I love how the Zombie calls you dude and keeps making zombie jokes, he reminds me of basically my entire friend group. Love him. <3
  13. OH okay, that makes sense. Still seems like a silly request to make regarding the sprite itself but artists have their reasoning. Doesn't explain the drama though, but I really shouldn't have expected anything less from DragCave. *shrug*
  14. I simply don't understand why Sweetlings have to be scroll-locked. (Or Snow Angels, for that matter, but that's another issue altogether.) Seriously, what harm would it do if everyone could obtain Alt Sweetlings through breeding? The CB Alts would still be special and their "value" would not be hurt in any way. Why are people getting so upset? The passion in this debate genuinely confuses me. Why is letting everyone get black Sweetlings a bad thing?
  15. I need: to erase an influence If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here - thanks! A straight PM will also work!
  16. Wow. I come back from a long hiatus to find that not only has my own list of pending descriptions been modded, but the entire queue is almost nothing. I wrote a description last week and had it approved when I checked again a few days later. O: I can't remember the last time that's happened. You mods are amazing, it must've been hell trying to get through that massive queue when I left. And you've kept up with it, too? Just. Wow.
  17. Eyyy look who's not dead. I missed this thread, glad to see it hasn't completely died off. --- Blossompool - Describe that dragon! Suggestion: Perhaps her favorite spot to relax is a small, secluded pond in a grove of flowering trees. In the spring the petals will rain down over the water and make it the most magical place in the world for her. --- For my Sweetling Mehron (then unnamed): --- Please choose a dragon from my undescribed group. All others are either unnamed or already have descriptions.
  18. Welp I wandered off and completely forgot I requested this. I'm so glad I came back to see it, it's GORGEOUS. <3333 Thank you so much!
  19. LOL Glad I'm not the only one having trouble catching the Volcano eggs. Guess I'll end up catching AP ones later, haha. Love that they have different forms though. It'll be annoying hunting and breeding them but I'm always for recolors.
  20. I've been so busy lately that I completely forgot to put my new Vday eggs in hatcheries and both died RIP. D:
  21. Had it up to here with this game. The mana puzzle from... anniversary? was much better. This game is just a rage-inducer. Guess I'm not getting a badge this Halloween.
  22. Reporting Zombification Attempt Breed/Type: Some type of wyvern. Age: Adult Kill date: 9/27 Kill time (ET): Absolutely no idea. Revive date: 10/5 Revive time (ET): 12:09 DC Time Zombies visible: Yes Result: Zombie Dragon link: Link My only success since the change. I'm going to stop killing now so I can have five adult attempts on Halloween. Hopefully I'll get all the adult sprites I'm missing then.
  23. Has anyone actually gotten a Zombie dragon since the update? I've used all five kill slots and revived them all after midnight DC time and got nothing. I'd like to know if the chances are actually worth it for making Zombies on days that aren't Halloween.
  24. Did some mod decide to go on a approving spree? Because I came back to find all of my pending descriptions modded. Thank you so much to whoever took the time! (Socky?)
  25. I noticed on the Wiki that the drake Zombie sprite is missing from the Zombie page. I have one (most likely a former Glaucus drake, link) and she uses the winged western sprite. Is this supposed to happen? Can anyone else with Zombie drakes confirm? Unless I'm forgetting one, all drakes have wings and four legs so I don't see why they wouldn't use the winged western Zombie, but I'm confused why the sprite is still missing from their Wiki page.