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  1. ! THis lag is really pissing me off. They shou,ld have been prepared for this, but instead I get massive lag. And it isnt me either! Im just sooo mad, I could kill something.
  2. Hell has enemies that can destroy blocks. To be specific, the ghasts. Which are epic enemies who should be outright avoided. EDIT: well, I've just found out that they added pumpkins! Or to be more specific, Jack-O-Lanterns. As they appear already carved. They seem to occasionally grow in patches of 4-6.
  3. But if you trap a spawner, then it doesn't matter if you leave, because they'll respawn. So if you want to do that sort of thing, thats how. I can't wait for the Halloween update it seems like it'll be huge. Too bad I'll be spending more time trying to get the Halloween special dragon egg.
  4. Yeah, just use some buckets of water on the lava. It's not all that bad, just make sure to plant torches once you get rid of the lava.
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    I've had a LOT of pets over the years. I've had two cats, one dog, two turtles, and four Guniea Pigs. The cats, the dog and one of the turtles are still around though, and reviewing the list, it seems shorter than I thought it was. huh.
  6. Well I've just started but, I know one thing I've done that was a mistake. I ignored an egg that apparently was a seasonal dragon, because I didn't want to get the egg while I still had a hatchling. As a side note, I still only have one dragon. Maybe I should just grab a random one or something. NINJA EDIT! NVM. Just grabbed a random but interestingly descripted egg.
  7. Oh god. Now the song is back. It's inside my head! but, I love that game soooooo much. It's really addicting. Truly the best game adult swim has made, which is actually saying something, because amateur surgeon isnt bad either (I'm just bad at it!).
  8. Oh, I know, I was just trying to say that you aren't alone. And that even though I don't have Asperger's or another form of Autism I can relate. I'm sorry if that was hard to tell. My writing skills are far below my other skills. In fact, I hate writing. Mainly writing with pen or pencil is the problem, as opposed to typing. And I love painting on the other hand, so I end up with a minimalist writing style, but a perfectionist painting style. I suspect it has to do something with the fact that there are seperate areas in the brain for the activities. That, or it could be a negative association.
  9. I don't have any form of autism, but I have had a friend who had asperger's. I just want to say that there seems to be a huge difference between having aspergers and being a "normal" autistic person. From what I know someone with Asperger's actually focuses on certain things and will drive any conversation you have with them twords one of those subjects. Which, is part of the reason they can be socially awkward. Also, as I said earlier, I don't have any form of autism. But, for almost all of elementry school I had no friends my own age. I was very defensive because I reacted poorly to cruel remarks. And most of the time just paced and thought during recess. So, having that sort of childhood isn't really restricted to people with autism. And to this day, I'm not a very sociable person, unless I'm with people I already know. I still get told that sometimes my tone of voice is wrong for situation, causing me to often seem mean when I'm not trying to.
  10. Well to be specific, obsidian is created if water touches a lava source block. if it only another part of lava then its cobblestone. I'm pretty sure that is how that works.
  11. I'm currently waiting for the halloween update before I start playing again. It looks like that will be a huge update. With some major changes, including a lot more monsters.
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    Tales of...

    I really hope Abyss gets localized too. Honestly though, the only tales games I've played are the two Symphonia games. But, thats only because I never got an Xbox(360) or PS2/3. I really did enjoy Symphonia though, so I'd get the 3ds version of Abyss.