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  1. For a long time I thought my pee came out the front and I thought something was seriously wrong when I was a little kid at the doctor's office and found out that it didn't.
  2. Is the question "is she capable" or "is she allowed?" Of course she's capable, but honestly I've been thinking the exact same thing and I'm not sure if it's going to make my kid a weirdo if the male does all the nurturing stuff and they grow up around that or if it's OK. The idea of male/female roles makes me think I'm more male a lot but I've just decided not to think about it since I have no way of thinking about it without being influenced by social conditioning at this point
  3. Those stories are pretty awesome. I want to see what they lead up to and what they are right now. Post more!
  4. Username: Ayumu Vanguard Side I chose: Red My special feature: I'm all sparkley and spacey. And I like music, especially music like this for some unexplainable reason or another. No, I don't know how to work that last thing in, just thought I'd let you know. Other: Better dead than blue. Everyone knows that blue is the color that represents both conservatives and Communism. And red means victory. And the Inverse Ninja Principle or whatever favors us anyways.
  5. AyumuVanguard

    Your Theme Song

    Mine would probably be "Moonage Daydream" - David Bowie, but it's really hard for me to choose just one song...
  6. *Accepts the fact that they are the only person in the world who is a fan of Modern classical music*
  7. It turns out more people like classical music than people think. This one guy was playing a classical song on guitar today randomly and everyone mentioned that they liked it. After that we all talked about playing "Carol of the Bells" (also classical) after they mentioned getting together and playing stuff that had to be Christmas stuff.
  8. I was doing a lineage like this without even knowing about this one. I was going to go make it public, but then I'd just be copying, and I don't want to do that...
  9. I'm pretty sure all operas that aren't rock operas or anything count as classical music. I used to like George Bizet back when I didn't know much about classical music or care much. Now I can't say that I like him much, but I don't absolutely hate him, I just dislike him a little for taking away the attention from composers that I actually like. I also used to dislike David Bowie's "Let's Dance" and for a while the awesome "Fame" just because that's all that was ever played on the radio by him when he had much, much better songs.
  10. There are so many songs I wish people would listen to that I won't try to post them all in one post like this, but here's one of the most interesting things that's happened in music: The Low Symphony.
  11. AyumuVanguard

    Lady Gaga

    I have a lot of respect for Lady Gaga compared to all the other mainstream artists, but I don't really care about her much. She's OK to kind of good. She has some musical talent and she does what she wants.
  12. I'm doing NaNo for the first year too. I'm sure it'll be awesome.
  13. I looooooooooove classical music, along with rock and electronic, but they're not in this thread. Philip Glass is my favorite composer. I don't see why we call it classical music considering the Classical period was the worst (unless you count stuff before Baroque). We're also not really in the Modern period anymore, which drives me crazy because I want to hear more awesome music, not just "let's just do Romantic all over again except with more pop muziks inflooence and less origenality!"
  14. Macs. They have much better interface. PC is all Windows-y.