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  1. No rush, I just want it for my sig: Username: Mitesla Pokemons to use:Pikachu and Gengar Base pokemon:Gengar What do you want me to do with them?:Splice Versions of sprites: Heartgold/Soulsilver Other:With a Gastly cloud, unless that makes it look funny. Thank you very much!
  2. OMG THE THREAD'S BACK!!! Anyway, got Epic Yarn and have convinced my dad to play it with me. It's not a "traditonal" Kirby game, but it's still definitely worth playing, especially in two player. (Is trying very hard not to give away anything )
  3. Probably my first ever dragon, a single CB Mint I raised without even knowing there were fansites, mentors, etc. I just stuck him in my sig in another forum and posted where ever and whenever I could find find an excuse. By some miracle the little guy survived my lack of any knowledge of what I was doing and now resides at the top of my scroll.
  4. I found Dragon Cave from people posting their eggs on the Sporum (the Spore forum). Then after an unfortunate incident there I quit the Sporum and came here to satisfy my foruming needs. The Dragon Cave forum is 10000 times better.
  5. Daydream, or maybe Nebula. Both are awesome.
  6. Joined Oct. 9 2010 (I joined the forum about a week after joining DC) Member # 66,804 Just call me newbie!
  7. I named my Marrow "Draco Daemon." (Latin for dragon, archaic spelling of demon) ...I really need to stop naming them before they gender. Edit: Yep, just as I thought, Draco's a girl...
  8. Mario Kart Wii: At Wario's Gold Mine, Bowser bumped me and knocked me off the cliff. Then, as soon as Lakitu set me back down again, Wario smacked into me and knocked me off again. By that time I was in second-to-last place, but guess who's in last? Dry Bowser! And within seconds off the cliff I went again. I swear the game hates me.
  9. I'm up to 9 males, 3 females. Makes me wonder if it's truly 50-50 or if something else affects it. I'd get a pink to influence them but the pink would probably gender male too...
  10. Dang, between the major lag and my half-functional modem I haven't caught a thing. They're all taken by the time my page loads...
  11. Username: Mitesla Why: Because I've played almost every Kirby game there is and Superstar Ultra is one of my all-time favorite games!
  12. Currently torn between Super Scibblenauts and finishing SoulSilver before gen. 5 is released. Also, I'll be starting Kirby's Epic Yarn soon!
  13. I actually only took three: Mint, Waterwalker, Albino, I was really nervous when I started so I took one at a time, then got the next egg when the previous hatched. Of course, after the Albino hatched I thought, "What the hey?" and got myself scroll-locked.
  14. Stones: If you tried to kill a dragon the size of a mountain by stabbing it with a sword, would it even notice?
  15. 1. Released a Sesonal egg before realising it was hatchies that were locking my scroll. 2. Decided to name all my hatchies and accidentally named one that I was planning on trading. 3. (When I was just starting) Clicked an egg on AP to see its description