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  1. Renamed all 48 dragons with new stable-name and inbred/purebred/caveborn labels. Took an hour but it was worth it!
  2. Username: Mitesla Pokemons to use:Snivy and Charmander Base pokemon:(If you want a splice) Snivy What do you want me to do with them?: Splice Versions of sprites: Charmander Snivy Thanks and happy holidays!
  3. Behold Rudolph the Red Nose Snivy! He doesn't bounce anymore but what the hey?
  4. I had a nightmare about this boss after reading this post, AND I HAVEN'T EVEN PLAYED THIS GAME.
  5. Two things to report: 1. My Kirby doll arrived! 2. I finally beat the True Arena in Super Star Ultra!
  6. Mitesla is the name of the captain of my main empire in Spore, which I was totally obsessed with when I first joined. His name (yes he's male but you can't tell by the name ) I just picked from the random name generator.
  7. My real first name is a female Electric with a Waterhorse child! My real last name is a female Winter Seasonal with a Summer Seasonal child! Strangely there's nothing for my username, though.
  8. The paper is done! Thank you to everyone who posted! I'll leave the tread open so feel free to keep posting.
  9. Okay, maybe I should have stepped in sooner. I'm glad you've all managed to agree to disagree, just please keep in mind there's a fine line between "discussing" and "arguing." Remember, there's no set definition of "disturbing," and people are going to disagree over what is or isn't disturbing. However, there's no reason to go into a serious debate over it. This tread is for research, but it's also for fun, like the "What's the worst game" thread. No need to get mad about it. For those who care, here's the Giygas battle (Warning, don't watch at night): Again, there's no set definition of "disturbing," but here's a list of examples of disturbing bosses (Warning, contains scenes from rated M games):
  10. I have Crystal Shards. What don't you understand?
  11. Defendin' De Penguin. Played it once and hated it instantly. I actually wrote a paper on how bad it was and had to cut it down because it went over the 1000 word limit.
  12. Dropped a Daydream and an extremely long-lineaged purple Ridgewing (I assume that counts) earlier. I'm pleased to report that both are now adults. Everything is going according to plan...
  13. Green + code "eThf = Pebble-Thief
  14. Looked in AP, saw nothing, locked myself with a Balloon egg, looked in AP again, saw a Split, Nebula, Black, and two Glories. Cried. Abandoned an AP Water egg to do some rare hunting. Didn't find anything, so I picked back up what I thought was a CB Water egg. It was a Waterwalker. I still have 4 hours until I can abandon it.
  15. Username:Mitesla Side I chose:Red My special feature:I've got a giant man-eating pet Jigglypuff Other: The Jigglypuff could have a red bandana or a red leash tied around its foot or something. Edited for template copy/paste fail
  16. SoulSilver: Oh look, shiny Girafferig! Hmm, my Haunter's ten levels too high to fight it, but my Togetic's fifteen levels too low... Maybe if I use her weakest attack, Dark Pulse... Wait a second, PSYCHIC TYPES ARE WEAK AGAINST DARK ATTACKS! *Critical hit* *Giraffarig dies* Why, Haunter, why?! *Whimper*
  17. Lol, my SNES copy of Kirby Superstar died of overuse too. Edit: Getting a Mirror Kirby doll for my birthday!
  18. He's kinda cute, so I'll use him. It's up to if you want to try the other one or not. Either way, thanks!
  19. Thank you to everyone who posted here! I truly appereciate your help with my research on disturbing bosses. In case anyone's wondering, here's what I came up with: The four main factors that make bosses disturbing: Implicit- Bosses disturbing because of unnerving meaning or symbolism. (Giygas) Explicit- Bosses that are obviously ugly, gross, or horrific or whom you must fight in a graphic or unnerving way. (Clotho) Unfitting- Bosses that aren't themselves very disturbing but seem so when compared to the rest of the game, resulting in the "But this is a children's game!" response. (Zero/02) Story- Bosses that are disturbing mostly due to their origins, intentions, actions, etc. (Broodmother) Most disturbing bosses will have some mixture of these four traits. Obviously personal fears will also factor in and different people will respond to one trait more than another. I'm keeping the thread open, so feel free to keep posting and discussing. Just post which non-horror boss you think is most disturbing and why. Feel free to discuss any bosses mentioned, but please follow forum rules and be respectful of other posters. No "LOLZ you fail cuz you're afraid of ___!" There's people who think Gygas is lame, and people who think he's the incarnation of evil. It's all really a matter of opinion. Now then, if anyone needs me, I'll be over here, trying to get Giygas to stop haunting my dreams...
  20. I was thinking along the lines of a Gengar with Pikachu ears, cheeks, and tail (like a Gengar disguised as a Pikachu). This is certainly interesting though.
  21. I have this unfortunate habit of naming hatchies as soon as they hatch instead of waiting till they gender. Usually I can come up with good neutral names but... Snowhite Serenity, Opal Starglow, Lavander Myst, Riviara, Farie Fay = Male Phantomwing, Crypt Shadow, Draco Daemon = Female Luckily I waited until after my Pink gendered but it's hard to make Pink sound macho... his name is Knight of the Pink Diamond. *head desk* Any idea when the rename action will be availiable?
  22. OMG it's Kirbystar! *Calls off search party* Welcome back!
  23. Well, yeah. They did overload it with cuteness, and that's probably not a good thing given Kirby's reputation. I think they were trying to do something similar to Canvas Curse (notice both bosses are sorcerrers?), only instead of Kirby being sucked into a painting he was sucked into a... sock. And yes, I do miss copy abilities but like in Canvas Curse they're trying to do something different. Like I said, it's not a "traditional" Kirby game, but as a standalone game it's not bad.